Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Dr. Panda's Supermarket
Game Dr. Panda's Supermarket compatible with Nokia Lumia 525 on system requirements.

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Dr. Panda's SupermarketTribePlay Ltd
Release date: 13 Sep 2013 Updated: 13 Feb 2014 Version: Size: 46 Mb


Supermarket simulator with lots of mini-games
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
Dr. Panda's Supermarket is a very exciting game for Windows Phone in which you will manage the work of a small supermarket. To an adult, the game may seem monotonous after half an hour, but children grow really crazy about it, and now you are going to learn the reason why. Firstly, the game is designed of a very high quality and in a cartoon style. All the characters in the game are representatives of the animal world and look pretty funny. The owner of the store is a good-natured panda whom you will be helping.


So, the gameplay here is divided into several stages, each of which you can pass over to at any time and an unlimited number of times. As soon as another customer appears in front of the glass doors of the store, you will need to make a tap on them and they will swing open and the client will come inside. By making one more tap but now on the client, you will appear at the counters and see at the bottom of the screen a list of products that need to be put into a basket.
In some cases, after that you will appear at the cashier and will have to weigh the items and then run them through a cash register by using special equipment that reads barcodes, but most frequently you will be handling such tasks separately. The next step may be preparing a coffee beverage into which you can add sugar and cream at your own discretion and then treat the client with it.
Then there might follow filling a bag with various marmalade and then you will go to the parking lot where you will help customers of the shop down the escalator, put things in a taxi, and watch them go. Managing customers ends here. That is, a variety of work finishes but you can spend an unlimited amount of time for the one that we have listed. Or for the other.

Additional tasks

Yes, if you don't know, the stores provide some job which customers cannot even see, but it is still there. So, in addition to servicing, you must collect carts for products left on the street and then send them back to the store. In addition, you should occasionally look in the warehouse and allocate the imported products on free space on the shelves.


One more and probably the last challenge (although we may have missed something during the game testing) is collecting garbage. You will have to distribute rubbish into barrels intended for glass, plastic and batteries. You are not allowed to make mistakes, of course. In general, the game is really very diverse. Simply the jobs in it are very short, but that's why children like it.
The application Dr. Panda's Supermarket is compatible with Nokia Lumia 525.


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