Program WhatsApp compatible with Nokia Lumia 1520 on system requirements.

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Release date: 24 Sep 2011 Updated: 10 Jan 2014 Version: 2.11.356.0 Size: < 1 Mb


Popular messenger + multimedia exchange
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
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WhatsApp is another very popular cross-platform messenger working not only with Windows Phone, but also with devices with OS Android, Symbian, S40, Bada, BlackBerry and iOS. The application has a huge audience that has long ago exceeded the number of three hundred million active users, and despite the small drawbacks, every day it attracts more and more users worldwide. The only thing that you need to run the application, is the Internet; moreover, for the basic functions the slowest GPRS-connection is enough, and for the additional features you need to use 3G/Wi-Fi Internet, and it is desirable to have an unlimited tariff.

Basic functions

The basic functions mean a common chat like the one that the ICQ service provides. Also with the help of this application you can share multimedia files (images, audio and video clips) with your friends. There is no voice and video communication such as in Viber, and it is not expected to emerge, but it still has a definite advantage. In order to start using this application, you just enter your phone number in the first box and confirm it in the next one with a code that will come in the response message (SMS).

Adding contacts principle

As soon as the registration is complete, you will find yourself in the main menu with your favorite contacts, and you can bet that this list will not be empty. That's because the program works with your contacts as well as with contacts of other people, and when you identify your phone number during the registration, the server is synchronizing the numbers of those users who have your number in their smartphones. At the same time, the server checks for registered phone numbers that are available in your address book. Thus, it appears that at the time of registration your friends find your contact in their favourites in the WhatsApp application, and you find theirs in your favourites.


It is easy to guess that when one of the new users available in your address book registers in this service, he or she automatically appears in your favorites. The main drawback of the program, if it can be called this, is that you can enjoy all of its features absolutely free for the first year, and when used to it you will have to pay one dollar yearly. The program has a very simple interface that resembles a window of SMS chat, and is unlikely to cause difficulties in mastering of a new type of communication.
The application WhatsApp is compatible with Nokia Lumia 1520.


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For the wts up pasward which app download plzz tell me fastReply
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Cant change the notification tone on the app can you help me if tried to change it on the phone settings but still keeps on playin the same tone on my nokia lumia 520Reply
Is there away to add a background on whatsapp for Nokia Lumia 625?Reply
Sure there's is. You just need to enter the menu and you'll see the option right there. This guide will help: www.whatsapp.com/faq/android/21228643Reply
Ghanshyam Korat16 Apr 2014, 22:21 0
I have not auto download option in whatsapp in my Lumia 925.....Reply
Hi I installed whatsapp on a Lumia 525 and received one audio and one video file on it. But not getting played. Is there some problem with audio and video? I tried a few times but doesn't work.Reply
Check whether you have all appropriate video and audio codecs installed. Let me know if you have any other questions or further troubles.Reply
sattar shaik14 Apr 2014, 15:26 0
Can i activeReply
I can't activate my Microsoft accountReply
ntuthuzelo mfundisi10 Apr 2014, 18:52 0
I have just bought a lumia 720 but i cant download watsappReply
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? Does it display any error message?Reply
Hi was trying 2 download whatsApp on my Lumia 520 ND was told to set up ma my family don't k.nw hw.helpReply
Do you have all necessary information filled in your WP account?Reply
Please send setting for meReply
Please help my Nokia Lumia 520 gives me a problem when I download whatsapp it says error code:80048823Reply
Nokia Lumia 520 doesn't want to download whatsapp its says error code:80048823Reply
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? Does it display any error message?Reply
Problem in download on nokia Lumia 525Reply
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? Does it display any error message?Reply
Unable to download WhatsApp n other apps .disappointing why famiilyset up is asked everytimeReply
There's already been a user or two with the same problem. It might be just one of these things that certain devices have and therefore we advise you to ask around online forums and message boards.Reply
Need to upadate my Nokia Lumia 510 , I need to upgrade my phone to connect whatApp and other interesting networksReply
Trying to download whatsapp my phone is lumia 925Reply
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? Does it display any error message?Reply
The android version,has so many options,in,settings why does the windows,version lack that., disappointingReply
I try to download watsap but i cant my phone is Nokia lumia 520 and my code is 2442187 plzz need helpReply
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? Does it display any error message?Reply
I want to upgrade my WhatsApp version in 2.1.186 version for my nokia lumia1320. In dis version der is an option for hide last seenReply
moeti it does not download · Nokia Lumia 520 04 Apr 2014, 14:35 0
It refuses to download watsapReply
SO much disappointed was havin My whatapp working unfortunately My Phone lumia 520 the one um using restarts everything afresh now its been a while trying To download My whatapp but It give me troube asking me of My Family settings on Windowsphone.com please resett dat on tour own guys To allow me To access My whatapp again please help um desperateReply
Unfortunately, we cannot fix anything associated with the app or your phone. Try contacting the WP customer care service or the app developers. You can also try asking your question around online message boards and forums. We are sure that someone already had the same problem.Reply
waste app.need updateReply
I cant install whatsaap on my lumia520. There is showing an error code ..80048264..I hve tried mny tims bt couldnt...plzzz helpReply
pls help me how i can download free whatsapp,skype,we chat.. plssss help meReply
xdfernandinha26 Mar 2014, 16:11 0
pq nao consigo bara whatsapp pro alcatel onetouch?Reply
I can not download whatsup on my phone nokia Lumia 525 it gives error code, plz help me.Reply
Can you specify the exact error message you received?Reply
how to download whtsapp in nokia525Reply
In order to download the app you need to click at the button saying 'Free' that is located above. Please let us know if you would have any other problems.Reply
Excellent though chsllengingReply
I cant change my profile status on my AlcatelReply
I cannot access. Whats app on my AlcatelReply
Most probably you need to rummage through the app settings and customize it. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with more detailed information since settings of apps on various devices are often different.Reply
I am not able to download wats app on my phone nokia Lumia 525. So plz give me the tips,..Reply
What exactly doesn't let you download the app? Please provide more details on your problem. In case you have downloaded the app but can't launch it, you'd need to provide us with the exact error message you received upon the app launch.Reply
I cant download watsapp, it gives an error code. Please helpReply
Can you specify the exact error message you received?Reply
My lumia is a challengeReply
Can you provide us with more information about your problem? Thank you.Reply
I can not download whatsup on my phone nokia Lumia 525 it gives error code, plz help me.Reply
Can you specify the exact error message you received?Reply
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In order to download the app you need to use one of the two links provided above. Please let us know if you would have any other problems.Reply
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I need help i can,t download whatsapp its lumia 520Reply
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I need help I can't download whatsapp its Lumia 625Reply
i need the help for to download whatsapp for lumina 625Reply
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.Reply
How do you download whatsapp for Lumia 520Reply
How do you download watsapp on a Lumia 520Reply
My Lumia needs family settings what can I doReply
My lumia 520 needs family settings and i cant set them.Reply
Whatsup is not connected most of the time.Why??in Nokia Lumia 720Reply
If you are using Wi-Fi, try switching to 3G
The program does not work through a proxy
I think l'll be happy using Nokia Lumia 520,its smartReply
I cannot video download on nokia lumia 520Reply
God is wonderfulReply
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How do I fix error code 80048264Reply
David Peter nkasiobi · Nokia Lumia 920 18 Feb 2014, 22:45 0
I want to know if mine have been configured.if I can whatsapp nowReply
I have managed to open by my selfReply
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