Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight
Program Brightest Flashlight compatible with Huawei Ascend W2 on system requirements.

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Brightest FlashlightTiny Smile
Release date: 25 Jul 2013 Updated: 25 Jul 2013 Version: Size: 13 Mb


Use your smartphone as a flashlight
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
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No significant drawbacks
Brightest Flashlight is the highest-quality flashlight for Windows Phone for today which has at its disposal many functions, operate steadily even when a smartphone is locked, is distributed absolutely free, and has no advertisements. You should agree that in the life of each of us there were situations when we needed at least some source of light. Whether it's a dark alley, an entrance in which the light bulbs burned out, a holiday outdoor, problems with a car in the driveway, or a lost thing which is vital to find in the middle of the night in an urban area lacking lanterns.
Given the fact that today people don't want to let go of their smartphones each of which has a LED flash for the camera, the flashlight function should have been there initially, and the reason why the manufacturers of devices operating on OS Windows Phone did not implement this feature while at the factory, remains a mystery. Fortunately, the Tiny Smile company emerged on the market of applications for Windows Phone, which has filled this gap with a very high-quality product.

Basic advantages

As it is known, the LEDs consume very little energy for lighting. That is why the use of a smartphone as a flashlight doesn't strongly affect the level of charge and doesn't give any reason to worry about the fact that while illuminating dark alleys, you will lose the connection. For quick access to the functions of the flashlight, you can place an application tile at any convenient place on the main screen and illuminate your way in just a single click. The LED lights up immediately after the start of the program and stays turned on when you lock your smartphone.

Interface and additional features

On the main screen of the application in addition to the main switcher, there are two more buttons ("SOS" and Redirecting to the additional menu), as well as an indicator showing the remaining charge in percentage which will allow you to monitor the battery status in real time. Activating the button "SOS" allows you to turn a distress signal which is known in every corner of the world.


In the additional menu, you will find a few interesting features that will allow to use the smartphone's screen as a flashlight. At that, you can choose the light intensity and the color of the screen. There's also a feature that simulates the burning of a gasoline lighter, the signals of police emergency light (in parallel with a sound of a siren), and the yellow warning signals made ​​in the form of a traffic light.
The application Brightest Flashlight is compatible with Huawei Ascend W2.


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