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Release date: 20 Mar 2012 Updated: 17 Aug 2013 Version: Size: 20 Mb


Famous royal RTS simulator
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
Majesty is one of few games that is known to owners of almost all phones, no matter what operating system they are working on or they perceive only java-applications. This is a real time strategy game with a unique gameplay which no developers in no games could repeat.


At the beginning of the game, at your disposal there will be a castle alone which is the main building that you must guard with your life. Once you allow the castle to be seized or destroyed, the game will be considered over. However, if you manage the army and your subjects properly, you will be able to play Majesty for years. You are to build a kingdom with a huge number of buildings, among which there are living quarters, barracks, forges, workshops, entire training camps, taverns, and other important objects intended to support life of the kingdom.
Naturally, you will be periodically messed by enemies attacking not only soldiers but also civilians performing work unrelated to the fighting. Particular attention should be paid to the economy of your kingdom, because in this game much more than in any other all is closely connected to money. The king positioned himself so that his orders mean absolutely nothing for his subjects if they are not backed by an impressive reward. Roughly speaking, you cannot even give orders, you can only declare the award that the warrior will get who kills the enemy.
Tellingly, if the reward is indeed generous, not only your knights may go into a battle, but also ordinary workers with a pitchfork at the ready. Also, there are times when for a very generous reward there is somebody even among enemies who will do away with his accomplices and go over to your side. However, if there is little money in the treasury, only the most daring, desperate or inept person will go into a battle and it's far from certain whether he will come back with victory.

Game features

Another reason for the responsiveness of the local people may become your positive attitude to places of entertainment. Build more taverns or restaurants, and the people will love you even more and therefore will more likely accept missions at a modest fee. In addition, the very same restaurants will bring you a lot of profit in taxes.
Though, very often your servant collecting money, will be killed by enemies and they will also take the loot themselves. If you suddenly see that some of your people rushes to the enemy killed the treasurer, there still will be no occasion for joy. The fact is that even in case of victory over the villain the subject will take the money for himself and you can't help it. Generally speaking, it's not worth crying over spilt milk.


There is no storyline as such in the game. All the events may unfold as they please, and you can influence them only indirectly. It is with this the game attracts gamers from around the world so strongly and has been included in the list of the most popular strategies not in the first dozen of years. Despite the fact that the developers decided to keep the spirit and gameplay of a decade ago, the graphics in the game are quite good. The soundtrack is also of excellent quality, though it consists of the same music and sounds that were used in the first versions of the game.
The application Majesty is compatible with Alcatel One Touch View.


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