Hills of Glory 3D
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Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D
Hills of Glory 3D

Review Hills of Glory 3D

Evgenii Kostrov
Hills of Glory 3D is a very dynamic military game for Windows Phone in which we will try to keep the defenses around our headquarters by firing at enemies with rifles, machine guns, shotguns and mortars, as well as by activating airforce from time to time. The game has excellent three-dimensional graphics, a funny soundtrack and a rather unusual for the genre controlling.

Game features

A key feature of the game is that we will never see our soldiers in it. The only character on our part will be a commander in chief distributing valuable orders, and he only appears before the fight in a separate window with a short briefing. Though on the enemy's part the infantry will advance very rapidly.
At first, on the outskirts of the base there will be several enemy soldiers who are very simply to cope with through single shots from a rifle. Following the first suicides a small enemy unit will emerge openly heading towards your headquarters. You can put it into fuel by using the same rifle, and can pop at the entire enemy division with a grenade launcher and destroy it with one shot.
After a couple more of levels, the general will show how to call for helicopters that can generously pour the enemy with napalm and at the same time will demonstrate the power of strategic aviation by throwing bombs across the whole area. With each new wave, there will be more and more enemy soldiers and they will be stronger than the previous ones. Besides, the enemies will start attacking literally from all sides, as will be testified by yellow pointers around the screen.

Modernization and appliance of various weapons

In order to cope with the enemy faster, you will have to buy new weapons and upgrade the ones already available. As soon as you learn more or less to deal with the enemy infantry, some tanks will appear on the battlefield. To shoot them with the rifle is practically useless, so try to keep a small stock of grenades and do not overheat the machine gun unnecessarily. Napalm is more suitable to deal with manpower of the enemy, so you shouldn't hope for it in case of a tank attack.
Having let the enemy very close to the headquarters, you give him an opportunity to open fire at you. The headquarters is also not eternal, and if you fail to pacify the enemy as soon as possible, you will never receive medals for completing the mission. Over time, the enemy will so much increase in number that you will be torn to pieces and in order not to die of stupidity, it is advisable not to forget to strengthen the walls of the Headquarters and patch the existing holes.


Controlling in the game is very original and diverse. For rifle shooting it's enough to make short taps on targets. To cause fire from the grenade launcher, it is necessary to hold your finger on the screen until you see a red pointer and to release it when you finally take aim. It should be borne in mind that the enemy soldiers are constantly moving and a grenade arrives at the specified place not at once, therefore it is necessary to aim in advance.
In order to call for the helicopter support you are necessary to make a swipe with two fingers in the right place, and for shotgun firing you will need to hold two fingers on the screen together. Moreover, immediately after the start of fire the target can be moved to any place already with a single finger. In general, the game is very dynamic, and in order to achieve excellent results in it, you will have to try very hard.


The game is sure to appeal to many fans of shooters and will stay in their smartphones for a long time. You can download Hills of Glory 3D for free but to play it without the infusion of money (Donat) will soon become quite difficult.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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