Toy Story: Smash It!
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Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!
Toy Story: Smash It!

Review Toy Story: Smash It!

Evgenii Kostrov
Toy Story: Smash It! is an excellent arcade game with elements of action from the studio Disney, developed based on the same-name animated cartoon where toys fought against each other. Despite the fact that between the levels you will see almost all of its characters, you will manage the most daring and desperate one, Buzz Lightyear.

Goals and objectives

In this game, you have to do two things - to chase all the green aliens away from the playing field and at that not to forget to collect all golden cubes with letters that make up the word Toys. Moreover, the tasks must be performed in parallel. If you collect all the cubes first and then take to the aliens, you won’t be awarded with three stars because of overspending ammunition, and if you first cope with the green aliens, the game will not allow you to collect the cubes, since the main task will be already performed.

Gameplay features

The gameplay of Toy Story: Smash It! can be compared to Angry Birds, but here is just an incredible amount of original schticks that are not present in games from Rovio. The main distinguishing feature of this game is that locations in it are three-dimensional even though you are limited in movement by a small size of the site which you can wander on. The second difference from the angry birds lies in the location of the camera, thanks to which you will see the main character from the back and will be able to aim for targets with a direct fire.
As a rule, the aliens are always located in the middle of the room and Buzz can move on a small interval around them and select the most comfortable position to throw another shell. The aliens usually either stand on some structure of blocks, or hide behind it or inside it.

Differences between blocks

The blocks used in these structures, may consist of wood, cardboard, metal and glass. The cardboard and wooden blocks can be destroyed with almost any projectile, no matter what part of the structure you hit. The metal blocks are distinguished by a large weight and, of course, better stability. Therefore, for example, to eliminate a design of such blocks with rubber balls you must aim at the top portion. The glass blocks, as you have probably guessed, gets broken and most interestingly, they are usually located in the lower part of the structure that allows you to fall it down without putting much effort.

Range of shells

In addition to rubber balls, in the hands of Buzz there can be armor-piercing projectiles with a propeller that can be activated after the throw and break almost any design with them. It will take some time, and you will be able to use as projectiles some self-inflating balloons. Throw them in the center of any design and then press the button in the center of the screen - and the ball filled with air will destroy everything around it and then what is next to it.


The further you climb, the more difficult the designs become, and the aliens will be distributed on the playing field so that they it will be increasingly difficult to get to them. In general, the game is very original and incredibly fascinating which will be appreciated both by adults and children. However, you can download it only after payment (at least, today) but believe us, it is worth the money and it is better not to wait until it will become free but it will acquire the practice of in-game purchases, as it happened with the majority of games from Disney.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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