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Super 8
Super 8
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Super 8

Review Super 8

Evgenii Kostrov
Super 8 is a very original application for Windows Phone by menas of which you can look at your smartphone from a different angle and, perhaps, imagine how the main menu would look if the smartphone was running the operating system Android. The program in any case cannot be called a launcher since by reason of the OS Windows Phone peculiarities, after unlocking the device you will still see the native lock screen on which you will need to make a vertical swipe upwards.

Application features

Furthermore, in the resulting menu of the smartphone you will see no games and not a complete list of applications as compared to what is actually installed. Another nuance separating the program Super 8 from being a full interface replacement is the fact that not all the tiles are active.
The developers simply made a list of, in their opinion, the most popular applications and shared it with us. At that, when clicking on some of them, we see an offer to download the application from the Windows Phone Store while others refuse to work for the reason that supports the next firmware of GDR3 which has not yet been released.
It is not known how the developers managed to test the performance of some or other functions on the not yet published firmware, but one can only hope that they will work properly. Despite all the nuances described, with this application you will be able to diversify your smart toy’s interface and amaze your acquaintances or friends, especially if they are also owners of smartphones based on Windows Phone.

Interface and design

The menu’s interface looks very unusual. Icons are smaller and at the bottom of the screen there is a row of active buttons responsible for transition to settings, making calls by dialing a number or selecting a contact from the phonebook, to typing short messages, starting your browser, and to the music application. At that, dialing numbers is performed in a very original window radically different from the standard one.

Navigation and settings

Transitions from one screen to another are carried out by using horizontal gestures. On one of them, you will find an icon with the colored Android robot. Click on it and see how the main menu’s interface will change again. The lower soft keys will openly allude to OS Android, and at the top of the screen there will appear a search box (which works the same way as search opening by a touch key in the form of a magnifying glass).
If you want to look at some kind of a lock screen, make one tap on the hardware "Back" button (a pointer below the screen). The second tap on it will take you out of the shell. In the application’s settings, you have an opportunity to change wallpapers and create new tiles. However, they will be only bound to the available features and applications.


In general, despite the fact that the program cannot be considered very useful, it turns out to be pretty interesting. At least, with it you can pick through your settings, change the appearance of the menu as you like, and not worry about the state of the smartphone, as well as its native interface.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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McleanDawn Okonkwo Onyema
McleanDawn Okonkwo Onyema30 Jun 2018, at 02:38
Hei, this is cool men.
henil patel
How to use it?
Vlad Popa
What device are you attempting to install it on?
Gopal Krishna Acharya
Gopal Krishna Acharya25 Oct 2014, at 11:13
I accept it
henil patel
Dear but how can use it
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