Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go!
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Angry Birds Go!Rovio Entertainment Ltd
: 27 Nov 2013 Updated: 26 Mar 2014 Version: Size: 101 Mb


Incredible races between birds and pigs
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
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Angry Birds Go! is a long-awaited game from Rovio in which you will meet old friends again, the birds and pigs. In this game, you will be engaged into another battle between the main characters but this time it will be aimed at winning some incredible races on unique routes by extremely funny trucks and cars.


The slingshots will also be present in this game but they will only be used as a catapult which helps cars move from the start with an incredible acceleration. At that, the slingshots will be possessed not only by you, but also by the pigs. Before each race, you should wait for the countdown. False start in the game is not welcome and if you rush to start earlier than the pigs or other feathered ones, your car will be spun so hard that you will be able to start the race only after rivals get ahead.
Generally, we should probably mention more friendly relations between the birds and pigs, for they fought each other for almost three years and now suddenly have a truce and even in the form of sports events. The pigs will even be mechanics for your birds. However, they are sometimes so slyly grinning after you define a car in the garage, that one involuntarily begins to have thoughts that you are given a real wreck which is unable to get to the finish.

Game features

In fact, your most dangerous rivals are the birds. At the beginning of the game, you will control a harmless red bird which didn't feature any special abilities even in the previous games from Rovio. The time will come, and together with the pigs you will be competed by a pink bird scattering bubbles behind it that greatly slow down vehicles of the opponents (and yours is included).
After each race, you can upgrade your vehicle, and there will be the time when you win the pink bird and then convert it to your team and can manage it well. However, at this time a new rival will ripe which is be a black bird. Remember how it differs from the others? Here it won't feel sorry for anyone as well when throwing bombs on the road exploding after a few seconds and preventing you form getting ahead.

Nuances of Angry Birds Go!

There are really lots of nuances in the game. For example, to participate in some races you will need to upgrade the car to a certain level, and as long as you have a weaker vehicle, you will participate, for example, in a race against time to earn money for upgrades. It should be noted also that with each race, the energy of your birds will escape and for its replenishment you will have to use rare crystals which can be purchased by the Donut system or earned for certain achievements.
The most unexpected and unpleasant surprise for gamers will be the fact that more powerful vehicle can be obtained only through purchase and for real money. Moreover, the prices of cars are far from democratic, and if you want to play Angry Birds Go! without denying yourself nothing, you will have to part with a sum of up to $150 and even more, that is a bit too much for a mobile game, to put it mildly.


As for the rest, the game is, of course, amazing. You are sure to be pleased with a new gameplay, and the graphics component, and the sound. At least, no one can stop you from trying to play it because you can download the game absolutely for free.


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