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Clockwork Tales
Clockwork Tales
Clockwork Tales
Clockwork Tales
Clockwork Tales
Clockwork Tales

Review Clockwork Tales

Evgenii Kostrov
Clockwork Tales is a thrilling quest for Windows Phone which will allow you to plunge into a mystery of a small town called Hochwald recently rocked with incomprehensible earthquakes. The game take place at a very strange time. On the one hand, not everyone can afford to buy a steam car while Baron can afford an airship, and on the other hand, on the streets of the town and in each of its houses some mechanical critter has already settled whether it is a bird or an insect.


In this game, you are given the role of agent Evangeline Glass, the only person whom an old professor Ambrose Ink could trust the innermost secrets. He, apparently, solved the mystery of earthquakes but did not have time to share his conclusions with you and was kidnapped by a huge robot. Everything that remains of the professor is a mechanical raven named Matthew, and a few notes. The bird could shed light on some of the events but it was dismantled and its energy element was completely discharged.
There wasn't any chance to walk to the family castle of Barbera and only a soldier could pass on the airship. So, first of all you need to bring the mechanical bird to life, and to do this you will need to find a few spare parts in a pile of trash and then find a way to charge the energy cube. As long as you deal with this problem, several smaller problems somehow affecting the progress in the game, will be resolved by themselves.

Events development

The already assembled mechanical bird will help you seize a full set of soldier uniform. Then you will return confiscated drinks from a bar and even cook a signature cocktail, and having treated with it an old retired officer, will get as a reward a soldier helmet completely hiding the face. This way, you will get a pass on the airship but as soon as you rise to its board, there will come a sound to find and arrest some agent Evangeline Glass helping the already arrested professor expose cruel Baron and his evil plans.
It is clear that it is just about you, and now the important thing is not to demonstrate your presence on the airship. And given the fact that orders on the airship will be given by a mechanical centipede being a spy robot which has already met the main character in the town, it will be extremely difficult to perform. In general, you will find a lot of interesting quests and very amusing puzzles by solving which you will get closer to unlocking the major secret.


The Clockwork Tales' plot is twisted very originally and, coupled with the design, animation and video clips, the game somehow resembles a lot the best quest of the past decade for desktop computers, Siberia from Benoît Sokal. The sound is great and goes well with what is happening on the other side of the screen. We recommend the game to all fans of the genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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