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Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight
Longest Flight

Review Longest Flight

Evgenii Kostrov
Longest Flight is a very exciting time-killer for Windows Phone which will help you pass the time while waiting for something and will lift your spirits. Despite a very simple design, the game has such an addictive gameplay that it is very difficult to put it away. The point here is to overcome a distance through the air, and if you have ever played one of the games about Bigfoot who lovingly thrashed with a bludgeon his friend the penguin, you will certainly recall them.
As a stuntman, you will meet a skinny Stickman (a carelessly drawn man) and instead of Bigfoot with a baton at the ready, this game uses a huge shoe hung on a long lever to the side of the place where the main character performs his jumps.

Gameplay and controlling

All you need to do to start the main character in the air, is to touch the screen of your smartphone and hold your finger on it. After a moment or two, Stickman will jump from its pedestal and you will need to timely remove your finger from the screen so that the boot goes down and, while continuing the upward movement (on the principle of the pendulum), treats the main character with a nice kick. With a little luck, Stickman goes to a short flight which you can extend with the help of simple tools.

Auxiliary tools

At the bottom of the playing field, there are buttons with the image of a jet pack and a hang glider. You are allowed to use these things only separately, and each of these devices has a time limit of operation. That is, for example, immediately after a kick you can put on Stickman the jetpack that allows him to gain faster speed and a certain height. At that, both of these attributes will depend on your diligence.
After the jetpack on the back of the main character runs out of fuel, it will disappear and you will be allowed to use the hang glider. The priority of using the auxiliary elements can be some other (first the glider, then the pack), but we would recommend to use the jetpack first and then the glider. That's because after the kick, no matter how strong it is, you won't fly very far by the hang glider, but you can fly much farther by pre-speeding with the jet thrust.

Funny moments

The hang glider will disappear in a few seconds, too, and our mentee will plummet stone-like to the ground. At that, after the fall he will have the strength to turn his head in your direction and thus express some incomprehensible feelings. What he wants to say ("Look how long I have flown!" or "Oh you the killer of stuntmen.") is not clear but this head gesture looks quite funny. Apart from using the additional equipment, you can adjust the position of the stuntman in relation to the horizon and thus either rise higher, or achieve the maximum speed.


Try to find the optimum angle of flight with the different equipment and set a new world record. At the time of publication of the game, the absolute record was fixed at the level of just over 577 meters. We managed to fly a little more than 536 meters. And what are you capable of?

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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