Angry Gran Run
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Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run

Review Angry Gran Run

Evgenii Kostrov
Can be played without in-app purchases, decent animation, quality 3d graphics, unusual plot, interesting game play, convenient controls
In-app purchases
Angry Gran Run is an incredibly dynamic, very colorful and positive runner for Windows Phone. In this game, we will control a very frisky grandmother who managed to escape from captivity in which she was held by some Fred. Granny wasn't timid and found the strength to dash out huge doors with her foot and then took to her heels through the narrow streets of the town preparing for the celebration of Christmas and New Year.
We don't know whether the Grandma failed to see the kidnapper, or she did not remember his face. Shortly speaking, now every lad is a potential enemy for her and she has to take drastic measures whenever she meets someone coming from the opposite direction. Apart from people on the streets, there will be plenty of obstacles in the form of sharp turns, Christmas gifts stacked in large piles, hanging garlands, and other Christmas paraphernalia.


Controlling in the game is carried by using horizontal and vertical gestures on the screen and an accelerometer which allows the main character to shift closer to the left or right side of the street to collect another string of gold coins or avoid a collision with an obstacle. The horizontal gestures are responsible for turns at intersections. The vertical gesture upwards makes the gramma jump, and similar gesture downward allows her slide on her behind under an obstacle.
When meeting people, the main character gives them fruity kicks due to which they fly far ahead. Yes, Grandma can fight performing pirouettes that even young gymnasts would be jealous. By collecting gold coins, you get an opportunity to buy several bonuses or extra features in the embedded store.

Bonuses and additional opportunities

For example, you can purchase double jumps which are activated by double gestures and allow the grandma to jump higher than normally. However, we have failed to find out some practical application of this feature, as our mentee was excellently coping with all the existing obstacles even without this ability. You only need your reaction to be at the ready, and the rest is not a problem.

New costumes and character

There (in the store) are also magnets and an opportunity to multiply the game score, but you realize that the more valuable a bonus is, the more it costs, don't you? After collecting enough money, you can purchase a few costumes for the granny or retire her and afford to take another character. They may be, for example, a gingerbread man, a bear, a snowman, a Viking or a ninja.

Resurrection opportunity and its price

Before the first start, you will be kindly donated five diamonds which can be used for the resurrection of the main character in the event of a collision with an obstacle. We would not advise to spend them right away for one simple reason - your current records in any case will be less than tomorrow ones. In general, gain some experience first, at least for a couple of days (yes, it will be difficult to refrain but still), and then use the crystals. You cannot purchase or earn them in the game, and if you want to become the owner of diamonds, you will have to pay real money via Donat.


The game will please you with the amusing gameplay, high-quality graphics, and funny sound. We recommend it to all fans of the genre. You can download Angry Gran Run absolutely for free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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