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Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups
Sky Cups

Review Sky Cups

Evgenii Kostrov
Sky Cups is a very entertaining arcade game for Windows Phone in which we will have to break a huge amount of tea cups and saucers. Judging by the gameplay, we are somewhere in a circus and face a cute hippo balancing upon a high tower of colorful cups. At the bottom, to the right and left of the tower we will see different cups matching in color some of those used in the construction of the tower.

Range of cups and the way of adding them to the tower

By using gestures from left to right, you can add cups to the tower from the bottom left corner, and with the opposite gesture you will add cups from the lower right corner of the screen. Naturally, tea cups are added to the place to which you made the gesture. Gather three cups of the same color in the tower, and they will break thereby lowering the main character.
Apart from ordinary multi-colored cups, there are used bombs and cups which freeze everything around them in the game. At the same time, bombs can explode all by themselves after a fuse burns out, but you can tap on them and the explosion will happen immediately. In case of freezing the neighboring cups, you have to break each separately making taps on them.


During the game, new cups are being gradually added to the tower, so if you do not hurry, it will grow again and will not let you get the hippo down on the floor. On the right side of the playing field, there is a vertical time indicator which has marks with stars. If you manage to cope with the task before the indicator approaches three stars, you will get a proper reward for completing the level. It is quite the same with other stars. If you fail to break all the cups to the time the indicator gets completely empty, you will have to start the game out of the chute.

Gameplay features

The game is designed primarily for a lightning-fast response but attentiveness is also very important here. Despite all our efforts, while testing the game we very often themselves spoiled the picture owing to excessive haste. It's all because the cups emerging in the corners, change color from time to time, though it also happens that the conveyor serves cups of an identical color for quite a long time. Naturally, the mind focuses on this color and we begin to quickly add cups to the places where similar ones are.
After adding 2-4 cups to piles of a specific color, the hand automatically pulls to the same piles but at this point a cup of another color appears on the conveyor and cause a confusion which is our own fault. Generally speaking, you need to be extremely careful, and despite the elapsing time it is advisable not to rush.


The graphics in the game are of a very good quality. This also applies to the cartoonish performance of the main character together with locations, and the special effects available. The sound is great as well and fits perfectly into the gameplay. Most notably, the game can be downloaded free of charge, although without an infusion of real money it will be very difficult to play over time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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