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Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug
Sleep Bug

Review Sleep Bug

Evgenii Kostrov
Sleep Bug is a very original application for Windows Phone which will help you fall asleep to the beautiful sounds. Having turned on this program, you can close your eyes and imagine a different place. You may dream as long as you wish, because the program catalogue consists of 24 scenes, 83 various sound effects, and more than 300 additional sounds that make the environment more natural.

Application features

Depending on the scene chosen, you can enjoy the sound of a surf or waterfall, the babbling of a brook, forest birds twittering, thunder, sounds of a train, city and other human or wildlife habitat. The distinctive feature of the program is that even after choosing a particular scene, you can adjust the sound of it and add new sounds, or vice versa disable what you think is unnecessary.
For example, choosing the oceanside scene, you can get the sound of waves or supplement it with an occasionally going steamboat whistle, seagulls, sounds of wind hitting sides of wooden boats, and bells that we used to call the wind chimes. The scene in the forest or jungle can be enlivened with birdsongs and occasional cries of wild animals.
Should you want to add a feature of places inhabited by savages, add the sounds of wooden drums. If you like to fall asleep by the open fire, you can select such a scene to imagine yourself near a fireplace. Having added to this scene the sounds of an eagle owl, you can imagine yourself spending a night outside just like in a hike. Generally speaking, the program provides you with a tremendous number of opportunities to expand fantasies that will help you sleep soundly, no matter what the actual situation around you is.

Relevancy of Sleep Bug

Of course, the maximum effect is achieved when using headphones and it's not even about the quality of the sound but about the fact that this way you can completely abstract away from the environment and not be distracted by extraneous sounds. Especially, the program will help those people who go to sleep in the afternoon after a sleepless nigh, or those who have passed the day in a very fast pace and in the evening the head is spinning from overworking.

Timer of sleep and other useful features

Naturally, hence the program is designed to bring peace to your mind, it will not make you worry about the battery status of your smartphone. After selecting a specific scene and its complete configuration, you can put a timer, at the end of which the program shuts down. Sleep Bug's interface is very simple and intelligible. Another useful feature of the program is a separate volume adjustment.
Surely you know that smartphones based on Windows Phone have one not very nice feature - if you diminish the sound in any application, all the system sounds get diminished as well, including the volume of calls and notifications. In this program, however, you can find a separate volume control (a vertical slider in the upper left corner of the screen) which will allow you to turn down the sound to the bare minimum while the ringer and notifications volume will remain at the original level, even if it is a maximum.


The program is available in two versions - free and paid. There's no any advertising in both of them. It's just in the first one the catalog contains of 12 scenes in total. Buying the full version, you get another 12 different scenes with unique sounds.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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