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Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4

Review Dungeon Hunter 4

Evgenii Kostrov
Neat animation, quality 3d graphics, exciting plotline, addictive game play, responsive controls
Kills your battery, difficult to play without in-app purchases
Dungeon Hunter 4 is a great game from the studio Gameloft which will delight all fans of incredibly dynamic action with elements of RPG. The events of this game take place in a kingdom of Valentia which was subjected to attacks by demons.

Events development

The main character did not see how it all began, because he was simply sleeping when monsters attacked the country, and when he woke up, there were piles of corpses around mostly of human origin. It is unknown why the demons didn't hurt him sleeping, but now it does not matter. What matters, however, is to take up arms, fasten at least some protection, and start searching for those who wrecked the havoc in his kingdom.

Choosing a character

Before the beginning of the game, you can choose one of four characters, male or female, and on this choice the entire gameplay will depend, as each of the characters has unique weapons and requires a specific approach. For example, magicians and archers can only operate at a distance from the enemy and are practically defenseless in a melee. Knights and soldiers armed with swords, on the contrary, can take some action only in a melee. At that, on their way they will encounter such demons that can cause damage from a distance.
In addition, depending on the weapon your mentee wields, during the battle you will use these or other techniques and then upgrade what you have or buy new but of the category corresponding to the main character. You understand that the valiant warrior simply has no idea about how to handle the magic staff, while magicians and exorcists have never in their lives held sharp sabers and swords, don't you?

Gameplay features

The game has obtained a full-fledged exciting plot which features consistency and doesn't contravene with logics. There are also an abundance of locations in the game and many of them are divided into the so-called zones which you can enter but cannot leave until you mop things up there. No, these are not dead ends. Just by entering a certain area, you may come across various people, as well as monsters and undergo a certain test.

Controlling and Donat

Controlling in the game is incredibly sophisticated and sensitive. Despite a fairly great amount of virtual buttons, there is a feeling that the main character simply knows which of them you are going to use, and is almost ahead of your actions. The great thing is that the game is absolutely free, and in spite of the presence of Donat, its gameplay doesn't seem burdensome to the purse. At least, at the beginning of the game you can quite afford all the necessary things without infusion of real money.


Before you start the game, you will have to go through a rather long tutorial. At that, you will be literally led by the hand, shown each step. What's interesting, you will even be showed how to purchase weapons and armor, and in this case you will pay with money and crystals (the latter is easier to buy than to earn), but all of this will occur virtually. That is, you won't be billed for the money given you at the beginning of the game during training, as it often happens in similar games.

Game modes, graphics and sound

In addition to the normal mode, the game has a network one (PvP) where you will be able to withstand some real people in the guise of demons. The graphics in the game are excellent, and these are not just a ramp. We could describe all its advantages for very long, but you can look at the screenshots and see the gorgeous performance of locations with realistic lighting and lots of special effects. Of course, everything looks much more beautiful live, especially, considering the animation and all the dynamic changes of the game world.


The soundtrack is also composed at the highest level. The heroes of the game communicate with each other from time to time, ask for help, give each other assignments, report on progress, and distribute praise. In general, the game is made ​​in the best traditions of the genre. We recommend it to both fans of the series Dungeon Hunter and to newcomers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Think everyone to this games cool
I cant craft saintly staff why ?
The game are not installed unsupported file
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. Can you please try to be a bit more clear in what you are trying to say?
my phone has been charging very slowly lately and i have factory reset it before and it worked my battery has been charging faster. THe problem is now i have to reset it again because its acting up and im scared that if i reset it everything will be lost.. is there any way that i can save the game like how android does it with google?
Vlad Popa
Yes, it is possible. Simply activate the Backup setting that is tied to your Microsoft Account and it should create a restore point. After the reset you should be able to successfully restore to that exact state.
Please let me know if you require more assistance and also, for future reference, please also mention what device you use in order to receive more accurate information.
nokia lumia 920
Vlad Popa
Hello Benjie,
Ok the first thing you need to do is go into All Settings (swipe down from the top of the screen and tap All Settings). From there you should be able to sign in with a Microsoft Account (if you do not have one it may be time to create one). Once signed in you can choose what to back up.
After the reset you can sign in with the same Microsoft Account and select restore backup.
Please note that this is not 100% certain and safe. Some data may still be lost.
It is also possible to backup to your PC, for this please follow the information in this link: www.windowsphone.com/en-I...
Let me know if you need more assistance.
well i reset my nokia lumia 920 signed on microsoft and automatically downloaded my apps but none of my stuff are there.. so its back to square 1.. that sucks
Vlad Popa
Did you back up your content before resetting? As i said: "Once signed in you can choose what to back up".
yes i did
before i reset i clicked back up now.. once ive reset, and came back on and set everything up. microsoft automatically downloaded all my apps and put my settings back but sadly all my games and scores have been deleted.
no saved files
Vlad Popa
I'm sorry to hear it. Normally even your saves should have been backed up.
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