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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Review Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Evgenii Kostrov
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a new strategy with an economic bias which has gained a huge number of fans owing devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, in less than two months after the publication. In this game, we will focus on the construction of the Death Star. Yes, the one and only battle space station from "Star Wars" serving a powerful weapon of the galactic scale. And it's you who will build it. However, in this game there will be no fighting, but that does not make it less interesting.

Game feature

The distinctive gameplay feature lies primarily in the fact that you can play this strategy infinitely long and all this time you will increase the number of floors making the scale of the Star just gigantic. The basis for the gameplay was taken from the game Tiny Tower popular on iOS and Android platforms.
From conversations between the Emperor and Darth Vader we learn that to enslave the galaxy they require a lot of money, and you will deal with earning money exactly during the entire game. However, here some cycle of in-game currency is involved, due to which the villains will never have the funds to start the war. You will have to engage in constructing of new floors and then in searching for personnel to work on new posts.


Each new floor will be a stand-alone module which is either a living accommodation or a production platform. In residential modules there can reside the game characters who work on-site and often run between floors on a single lift. Eventually, almost every manufacturing floor begins to make money, but you will continue to spend them on construction of new floors, as well as on modernization of the elevator and hiring new employees.
Almost every hard worker will demand attention. You must distribute orders to new residents of the Death Star all by yourself. Tellingly, time in the game doesn't stop even when you shut it down. Having activated notifications, you will always be aware of appearance of additional material means, completion of another mission (and maybe, the Emperor and Darth Vader have come up with a new one for you), or of a crowd wanting to use the elevator.


The game will please you with the great pixel graphics and the familiar music accompaniment performed in the 8-bit style. In addition, you will often witness interesting scenes reminding you of various scenes from the movie "Star Wars".

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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