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MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro
MoliPlayer Pro

Review MoliPlayer Pro

Evgenii Kostrov
Functions quickly, minimalist design, no ads
Not enough of settings, high price
MoliPlayer Pro is a very peculiar application for Windows Phone which many fans of watching movies from the screen of the smartphone are lacking. In most cases, the program will suddenly come in handy if you do not skimp some space in the smartphone memory for a film, therefore we won't argue about the need to install it. At first glance, in this application there is nothing supernatural, but if you dig deeper, you will make sure that it can be very useful, especially, given the lack of good-quality analogues for reasonable money.

Application relevancy

Let's start with the fact that smartphones based on Windows Phone has one oddity that no one wants to explain. For some reason they initially don't support playback of movies (films) in which the sound is recorded in the most widespread today format, AAC. In addition, despite the relatively powerful processors and enough volume of RAM, WP-smartphones are very whimsical about quality and size of the image.
In truth, this still just doesn't make sense because even the first Symbian smartphones easily coped with the majority of films in various formats. Nevertheless, while only a few people thought about watching videos on Windows Phone 7.5 owing to the peculiarities of file synchronization through the program named Zune, then with the advent of OS Windows Phone 8 this problem would seem to disappear. Because now you can use the smartphone memory as an ordinary Flash-drive.
However, up to date we have what we have, and in most cases it is impossible to watch a movie with the regular player without conversion. At least, if you do not know about the existence of MoliPlayer Pro. It is nothing but a video player which easily copes with many popular formats and clips of even a very high quality.

Player features

If you want to watch a movie of MKV format with the quality of 720p or 1080p (as well as avi, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts, vob, etc.) - no problem. This video player not only copes with playing "weighty movies", but also doesn't stress the CPU of a smartphone, doesn't overheat it and doesn't waste energy of the accumulator. That is, you can watch movies even far from an outlet without worrying about you will be left without connection.
Thanks to the advanced settings and application capabilities, you can enable or disable subtitles, as well as rewind a video, adjust the volume and brightness by using gestures. Furthermore, it is possible to lock the screen while watching a movie and view clips from the stop point even if you exit the application.

Getting started with MoliPlayer Pro

Once the player is installed, you will find a little training video in it that tells about the fact that movies need to be saved by using the way Pictures/Camera Roll not agreeing to convert. Many owners of the smartphones with support for a memory card write that they are able to play movies copied to any location on the memory card, but while testing the application on the smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 (no memory card) we managed to start a movie by only saving it in the recommended way. In other cases, the player simply did not see the file.


In general, MoliPlayer Pro is really a worthy substitute to a regular video player and will certainly impress everyone who loves to watch movies on the screen of the smartphone. The only thing that upsets us a bit is the fact that the touch buttons below the screen doesn't fade away while watching movies, as well as in the normal player, anyway. Another interesting point is that the program is available in two versions (Demo and Full), but even in the free version it works without any restrictions and with full functionality of the claimed features.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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muskan raj
It is a good player
Vijay Kumar
Nice app
We want free version.
sanjay gupta
Moliplayer free instaal
I love moliplayer pro
How to downlod
How to install?? Plz help me ...
Tariq Abdulla
Hi aamir, just tap on the "Full version + demo" link above to go to the Windows phone store, or tap on "Download xap" to directly download the demo version.
Rajesh Kumar
Very good
Don't get dowland for games
ČåĮvǐň Ĵäméş
hi i cant install local app in my lumia 520 how to install it some tell me
Vlad Popa
What do you mean by "Cant install local app"?
In order to install an app for a Windows Phone device, simply follow the "Full version + Demo" link, found above the review. It will take you to the download page. There make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account and if performing a remote installation from your PC then make sure the same account is logged in on both your Lumia and your PC. You can select to install the Demo version of the app and try it to see if it works properly and if you wish to buy it.
Alternatively you can use your Nokia Lumia to scan or input the QR codes, also found above the review and they will direct you to the download page.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Rahul Babu
Don't Get The Install. But Why?
Don't get the download. Why?
Why not downloading what I to do reply me
Bhaskar Modi
is it free or its a trial version
Mayank Saini
not installing showing "cant install compony app"
what to do 
Remove memory card and renter than open store and check instal local app
Vlad Popa
Firstly, when requesting assistance, please also mention your device model and OS version as it goes a long way in helping me  provide accurate information regarding the issue.
Next, on to the issue. I assume you were using the XAP file installation, which lead to this error. Please use the direct installation from the Microsoft Store. This should help bypass the error.
Please let me know if it works or if you require more assistance.
Mera 520 8.1 updaet hai is me mx player ₹130 hai bakwas windows hai ye loll hai
I use a Lumia 625 and was told can't download company app. Contact company for help
Vlad Popa
Please look at the comment i answered below and let me know if it is the same issue, if so, please try install using the "Full Version" link provided above or by scanning or directly inputting the QR codes found above the review into your device and installing the app.
Window lekar phas gae
Sourav bro we can download it from store but ye store me free nahi hai.... Jaise Android k liye store se mx player free hai.
i just installed it. But it showing error. What i do??
jawed khan lumai 520 mai moli player dow
jawed khan lumai 520 mai moli player dow15 Oct 2014, at 12:39
Jawed khan
durgesh kumar
Lumai 625 Mai moli player download karne ke bad company app install karne ko bol raha hai me
Vlad Popa
If you require assistance, i would appreciate it if you could post in English.
Shantnu Singh
i installed moliplayer pro from the above link but when i play the app it shows the error message saying " There's a problem with this company app. Contact your company's support person for help."
what to do now to play the app????
Vlad Popa
Ok. I think i understand the issue now. You tried to install the XAP file, am i correct? If that is the case then please try installing directly from the Windows Store, using the "Full Version" link. Alternatively you can scan or input the QR codes also found above the review into your device to direct you to the app.
Let me know if this works for you.
Sourav21 Oct 2014, at 17:30Nokia Lumia 630
download it from store durgesh
Hassan javed
install local apps option  sy install krn direct SD card sy apps install ni hoti lumia main
rahul chaudhary
Lumia 520 plz help me
How to run xap files it does not work when I download them
Hassan javed
Bro Ali go store and click below screen 3 dots then install local apps option sy install kro lumia mai     
Ali akbar
There is no such an option in the app store of my Lumia 1520
Arjun Bhatnagar
can't install d company app !
Just downloaded it and it also shows in sd card but when installing it shows try agaiN?? HeLp
Alexander Vorobyev
Sometimes it happens that the game doesn't place a shortcut on your home screen. In this case you should browse for it using your built-in phone search system.
It is outdated..,so not showing in sd card .,now wat to d?o?
are those paid apps for free......
sultan04 Apr 2014, at 13:59Nokia Lumia 620
When i install it says cant install please give me suggetion
i have problum with my lumia 820 during install moliplayer ......any doing help me to install player.....
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.
Hey reply..on my comment
manob02 Apr 2014, at 06:42Nokia Lumia 525
is six gun available for lumia 525????
Himanshu Tamoli
Himanshu Tamoli27 Mar 2014, at 00:34Nokia Lumia 525
Nokia Lumia 525 supar mobile
Ganesh Shelke
How to pad procec ............
nikhil23 Mar 2014, at 15:57Nokia Lumia 620
Make more ea sports
skykon13 Mar 2014, at 15:27Nokia Lumia 520
i can't download FIFA 13 on my Nokia Lumia 520,,pls help me
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