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MoliPlayer ProMoli Time Technology Corporation
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Release date: 08 Nov 2013 Updated: 21 Apr 2014 Version: Size: 10 Mb


Almost omnivorous video player for Windows Phone
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
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MoliPlayer Pro is a very peculiar application for Windows Phone which many fans of watching movies from the screen of the smartphone are lacking. In most cases, the program will suddenly come in handy if you do not skimp some space in the smartphone memory for a film, therefore we won't argue about the need to install it. At first glance, in this application there is nothing supernatural, but if you dig deeper, you will make sure that it can be very useful, especially, given the lack of good-quality analogues for reasonable money.

Application relevancy

Let's start with the fact that smartphones based on Windows Phone has one oddity that no one wants to explain. For some reason they initially don't support playback of movies (films) in which the sound is recorded in the most widespread today format, AAC. In addition, despite the relatively powerful processors and enough volume of RAM, WP-smartphones are very whimsical about quality and size of the image.
In truth, this still just doesn't make sense because even the first Symbian smartphones easily coped with the majority of films in various formats. Nevertheless, while only a few people thought about watching videos on Windows Phone 7.5 owing to the peculiarities of file synchronization through the program named Zune, then with the advent of OS Windows Phone 8 this problem would seem to disappear. Because now you can use the smartphone memory as an ordinary Flash-drive.
However, up to date we have what we have, and in most cases it is impossible to watch a movie with the regular player without conversion. At least, if you do not know about the existence of MoliPlayer Pro. It is nothing but a video player which easily copes with many popular formats and clips of even a very high quality.

Player features

If you want to watch a movie of MKV format with the quality of 720p or 1080p (as well as avi, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts, vob, etc.) - no problem. This video player not only copes with playing "weighty movies", but also doesn't stress the CPU of a smartphone, doesn't overheat it and doesn't waste energy of the accumulator. That is, you can watch movies even far from an outlet without worrying about you will be left without connection.
Thanks to the advanced settings and application capabilities, you can enable or disable subtitles, as well as rewind a video, adjust the volume and brightness by using gestures. Furthermore, it is possible to lock the screen while watching a movie and view clips from the stop point even if you exit the application.

Getting started with MoliPlayer Pro

Once the player is installed, you will find a little training video in it that tells about the fact that movies need to be saved by using the way Pictures/Camera Roll not agreeing to convert. Many owners of the smartphones with support for a memory card write that they are able to play movies copied to any location on the memory card, but while testing the application on the smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 (no memory card) we managed to start a movie by only saving it in the recommended way. In other cases, the player simply did not see the file.


In general, MoliPlayer Pro is really a worthy substitute to a regular video player and will certainly impress everyone who loves to watch movies on the screen of the smartphone. The only thing that upsets us a bit is the fact that the touch buttons below the screen doesn't fade away while watching movies, as well as in the normal player, anyway. Another interesting point is that the program is available in two versions (Demo and Full), but even in the free version it works without any restrictions and with full functionality of the claimed features.


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What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.Reply
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