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Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village
Candy Village

Review Candy Village

Evgenii Kostrov
Neat graphics, lots of levels, exciting game play, ads are not confusing
Unremovable ads
Candy Village is a very bright and colorful arcade game with a logical bias in which you will have to deal with sweeties again. The gameplay of this game reminds Candies VS Hypnodeer, and not because in both games it comes to sweeties, but because here by adding three or more identical sweeties, we will get some new yummy.


At first, on the playing field there will be only assorted jellies of red, yellow, green, blue, purple and lilac color. The lowest link in the puzzle is the red jelly in the form of beans. They make yellow eggs. Having brought together three eggs, you will create the purple jelly in the form of a triangle, and these triangles are converted into green pads.
The latter turns into the pentagonal blue jellies which in their turn form the lilac ones as raspberries or blackberries. The raspberry turns into a lollipop of the Chupa Chups type, and after that... And after that we don't know, because at this moment the game testing has been completed due to the fact that the playing field was completely filled.

Means of controlling

At the top of the screen you will see some kind of a conveyor belt with which you can find out about not only the next element, but also the one that would follow it. To the right from the conveyor there are two blue discs. They serve as a temporary storage container for jellies of various shapes and colors. When an undesirable jelly appears on the conveyor or the one you want to keep up till the best times, you can tap on the blue disc and it will be on it, and the conveyor will move by one item. In cases when the blue disc is already busy with some other jelly, a tap on it will make items in the warehouse and on the conveyor line change places.


At the bottom of the screen three are three buttons that can help you deal with a difficult situation, provided that you have enough in-game currency. The leftmost one allows to destroy any jelly to make room for the chain that you are creating, the middle button allows you to remove any item on the conveyor to move it somewhere else, and the third button allows you to go one move back.


Besides jelly, on the conveyor belt multicolor caramels appear and they can be used as the third element of the chain of any color jelly. As you have probably already understood, the game continues as long as there is at least one empty cell on the playing field. The graphics in this game are pretty nice and made in the cartoon style. The sound is pleasant too and fits well into the gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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Stuck replaying level 4 for weeks, what score to reach the next level?
I really love the way that the game run. Can I get the same game. Or something like that in Android. Pls tell me know. Tks so much
Brandon Girod
I can't find this exact game, but if you visit the Play Store, you can find many like it just by searching the name.  
renee Rickey
Its an awesome,addictive fun way to pass time!! First game I ever played on my Nokia lumina 8.1 phone!!! I love love love it!!!
Renee Rickey
How can I get it to download in my android tablet?have it on my windows phone and miss playing it soooo much! Please tell me I can download it on this device!!!! And how?
Vlad Popa
Sadly this app is only available for Windows Phone devices. There is no Android version available at the moment.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
מדוע אני לא מצליחה להוריד את המשחק? הוא נראה מיוחד. אודה לכם אם תשלחו קישור להורדה. יש לי מכשיר סמסונג 4. תודה.
מדוע אני לא מצליחה לפתוח את המשחק בנייד שלי (סמסונג 4)? אשמח אם משהו יעזור לי להתקין את המשחק המיוחד הזה.

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