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Penguin Physics
Penguin Physics
Penguin Physics
Penguin Physics
Penguin Physics
Penguin Physics

Review Penguin Physics

Evgenii Kostrov
Penguin Physics is a funny arcade game with elements of physics that will help you while away your free time or engage a child for a while. The gameplay of this game reminds about pioneers of the genre - the angry birdies. However, there are no enemies and, accordingly, no violence. You will manage a small penguin who God know how was brought into the desert. The poor guy has been suffering from the heat and then he finds some balloons and starts to burst them in order to somehow improve his position.
Sand is not suitable for this purpose, and therefore the penguin uses ordinary bananas as projectiles. However, we are probably overreacting in calling them ordinary because, judging by the sound of hitting an obstacle, they are not even dried but wooden. So, in each new level, you will see a combination of some shape consisting of colored balloons.

Gameplay features

The number of bananas in each level is limited but to a pretty large number. If you try hard, you will even have one or two bananas left after your bursting all the balloons. At the same time, even if you use up all of them and there is not a balloon left on the playing field, you will be awarded three stars. Should there's at least one balloon left, you will have to settle for two stars but you can still pass over to the next level, but if you earn only one star, you will have to play the level out of the chute.
At first, the tasks will be fairly simple, because between the penguin and balloons there will be no obstacles. Over time, these very obstacles will appear and you will have to shoot with bananas not in direct fire but over the top, so that they fall almost vertically. Controlling in the game is performed by using a touch screen on the same principle as in the previously-mentioned Angry Birds.

Auxiliary elements

After each shot, on the playing field there will be left a dotted line of the flight path of a shell, as well as a mark indicating the direction and force of the shot. Thanks to them, you can work on your mistakes and achieve accurate results. In total, you will find 40 interesting levels available even in the free version of the game. Its only difference from the paid one is in a small advertising banner that is visible only in the game menu.


The graphics is designed in the cartoon style and, despite the fact that all the elements of the game is quite small, they are of a quite good quality. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the area of the playing field by using two fingers spreading of the screen. The accompanying sound is quite mediocre but at least not boring.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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