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Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA
Instagram BETA

Review Instagram BETA

Evgenii Kostrov
Functions quickly, nice interface, stylish design, completely free
Limited features
It has finally happened! The official application Instagram is now available for the platform Windows Phone and, despite the fact that it is only a beta version, it handle perfectly its main objectives and desires of users. The only nuances so far are the lack of ability to publish online video clips, and some users are having difficulties while registering at the server of the program.
Sign-in to a previously created profile occurs without any complaints, that's why those who already have an account, can easily sign in it, and those who have just decided to join the audience of millions, will have to wait for correcting the error or to use another application just to register and then enter the account created in this application.


The first thing that you will be offered after the start of the program, is to unite your accounts at Instagram and Facebook. Already in the program settings, you can activate reposting from Twitter, Tumlr, Flicr, Foursquare and VKontakte (VK). This way you will be able to post your photos at several social networking sites and share them with all your friends and followers.
There (in the settings) you can also activate notifications about "Likes", new comments to your pictures, and about mentioning you on pictures of your friends. In addition, the program has privacy settings, thanks to them you can limit the number of people who can see your photos.

Sharing photos

To upload a new picture, just click on the central touch button at the bottom of the screen and follow to the appropriate section. There you will have an opportunity to select a photo from your smartphone memory, or use the camera and make a live shot. Having defined the photograph, you will be redirected to the editor that allows you to crop the image and change its scale.
This takes you to the most interesting menu where you can apply to the image one of twenty filters (yes, there is yet not so much of them as we would like), as well as play with the contrast and focus settings on a particular area of the shot made​. Then you will only be left to add location data to the image, write a small description, tick the social networks where reposts will be made, and send the picture to the server.


The program has an intuitively intelligible interface and will delight you with the presence of live tiles. We recommend the application Instagram to everyone who is not indifferent to this social network. Hopefully, the developers will soon correct the nuance with registration, add to the program new filters and the ability to deal with video clips. According to some information, this will happen shortly after the release of a new version of the software - Windows Phone 8.1.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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my Facebook,instagram can't install
I need instagram and my phone will not download it
rita halifax
Where and where should set internet settings on my nokia lumia 925 windows phone
Why can't l connect to a wifi network
I need whatsapp people my phone is not downloading
I need what's app my Lumia 510 is not downloading
Instagram beta
marcos   Simões
Bom. Muito. Bom
I need Instagram BETA to pc
My lumia 510 is not downloading fast ,I spend almost 2 hr but is still showing thesam
All the Application I want to download is not showing any changes while I click download what can I do
jeto super marie.
its so.....annoying! ive turned on my in
its so.....annoying! ive turned on my in31 Aug 2016, at 11:00
Why on earth can't my phone download it??:(
How can I chat using instagram beta?
can't download this. Before I m using it and its working fine...when I am uninstall, later it cant download it from windows store
Nao aceita baixar
Omg I whont to dalod it
Brandon Girod
Can you be more specific about the issue you're having? 
My phone can't download this why?..
LioN King
Tariq Abdulla
what doesn't work for you, the whole app, or some specific features?
I have instagram beta which I use it keeps coming up can't refresh feed and I can't see pictures tried logging out but still doesn't work properly any ideas how to get it to wor?
update your phone. or update the specific apps.
Tariq Abdulla
Have you checked your internet connectivity? Sorry if it sounds obvious, but it's all I can think of...
Pls instagram always says that there is no such internet connection when I try to log in but other apps that requires internet work perfectly ....ppls help me
Tariq Abdulla
not really too sure what could be happening there, you could try reinstalling, or you may need to contact instagram about this problem
Hello I have been trying to install this app but then it says the app is not available in my region yet.Mine is a lumia 800
Tariq Abdulla
sorry to hear that, not sure why Instagram would restrict the regions it distributes to, but they are able to keep control of this. You could try finding it from other unofficial sources maybe, not sure it would work though?
Hello I have Nokia Lumia 540

How do I view all the comments in instagram
Tariq Abdulla
I haven't tried this app, so not sure. You could try tapping on a particular photo, see if that brings up the comments for it?
Why i cant download instagram beta in nokia lumia 610?

What means this " This might be because your phone software needs to be updated,the apps is exclusive to a different mobile provider ????
Tariq Abdulla
This app can't be exclusive to any mobile provider. Have you checked for updating your phone's OS? 
How can i chat on instagram beta?am having difficulty in that.
Tariq Abdulla
I think the chat feature (Instagram Direct) isn't yet offered in Instagram Beta. But there are some other apps that provide this which you could try, including 6tag
Mrs. Chocolate
What is the difference between instagram and instagram beta?????
Tariq Abdulla
Hello Mrs. Chocolate. Instagram have not yet released a "full" Instagram app for windows phone. The "beta" indicates that it is still being developed. You can't yet do things like create a new Instagram account from within the app. Instagram for windows phone will be here one day, but until then all you have is Instagram beta
Jeromiah green
Yeah maybe but that does not explain why the Instagram logo is not being used or why the app needs access to Identity and other privacy things. Is this app actually legit or is it just a huge scam and people are now getting their and credit cards stolen?

Besides Instagram is such a popular company they would just release the app and then to changes from there!
Tariq Abdulla
Hi Jeromiah, it is a legit app, and it really is from Instagram. The logo; I guess they wanted to do a flat logo to fit with windows phone. Or maybe they just don't want to fully stamp their mark on something they see as still work in progress. All the same, this a genuine Instagram app; it's just lacking some of the features in the Android or iOS versions.
destiny Jaime
Please let me download the instagram beta
Tariq Abdulla
There are download links above the review
is it compatible for nokia lumia 610 and
is it compatible for nokia lumia 610 and04 Jun 2015, at 08:54
Is it compatible for nokia lumia 610 and if yes then would it be possible to create a new account with it....... Please help nd reply ASAP.......
Tariq Abdulla
Yes it should be compatible, but I think you might need to create your Instagram account first (not sure if you can do it in the app)
Ever time log onto my instagram beta it reads "couldn't refresh news feed" and I have no followers more any pics!?!? Hellpppp
Tariq Abdulla
sorry to hear that. Have you signed into your account? You might need to contact instagram about this issue
Does Nokia lumia 710 supports instagram
Vlad Popa
I believe it should work on your device, yet the best way to check with 100% accuracy is to attempt to install the app. Since it is a free app there should be little trouble attempting to do so.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Help instagram Nokia lumia 610
Vlad Popa
What exactly do you require assistance with?
Does lumia520 support instagram
Vlad Popa
I believe it should work on your device, yet the best way to check with 100% accuracy is to attempt to install the app. Since it is a free app there should be little trouble attempting to do so. 
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Is it possible to upload video content to instagram?
Vlad Popa
Yes, it should be possible to upload videos to Instagram. A short tutorial on this can be found here:
Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
How can I download my pics from Instagram app ? I've had Instagram beta app.
When will it be for nokia lumia 900??/
Vlad Popa
Does the Microsoft Store indicate it is incompatible? If not then please attempt to install the app and see if it compatible.
I'm afraid we do not have any control over the apps we post on our site, we merely review them. If the app is incompatible with your device then it is an issue you should bring up with the developers and hopefully they can add compatibility with your device swiftly.
When will it be for nokia lumia 900??/
Every time I try to get into my instagram app it just exits out. What does this mean? It just started today. I've had instagram beta for awhile now. I don't want to uninstall it and loose everything and try starting a new one.
Hi yeah its happened to me quite a lot of times but it gets back to normal within a few days
Vlad Popa
If you are having trouble with the BETA version of the app my advice is to try the regular one. It is much more stable and has most of the same features.
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately crashes are often an issue with BETA versions. I advise reporting the issue to the developers and hopefully it will get solved as soon as possible. My advice is to wait for an update or two to arrive if you are not ready to risk loosing your work with the app.
nader nami
Get tango for Windows phon 8.1 on my phon Nokia Lumia 630
Ele não está disponível para 710?
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