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Review PigBon

Evgenii Kostrov
PigBon is an amusing arcade game for Windows Phone with which you can easily get rid of free time in transport or while waiting for something. Your mentee in this game is one brave pig and his enemies are birds. Yes, imagine, here we can find a battle between the pigs and birds as well, but now you're on the side of the first ones. At that, the second ones appear in the sky not thanks to a slingshot but by taking off from an airship like from an aircraft carrier, and try to attack your castle in small flocks.


You see the main character only from the back. He stands on the edge of a wall and wait for you to let him throw a few stones, boomerangs or bombs towards birds. The game has four locations in total, and each of them consists of five levels. Your task is to shoot down all the birds and prevent them from flying up to the castle. Each missed bird takes one of three lives, and if there is no magic potion in your arsenal, three brave birds will be able to cost you the castle.
During one game, you will be attacked four times, and each successive wave will bring more birds. If in the first levels it is enough to throw a pair of stones at each bird, in the next ones you will need more, so you will have to aim better. Due to the fact that the birds do not rush to attack immediately but first cruise in front of your mentee, you have time to make a few throws of stones.

Game features

It is worth noting right here that the birds are constantly moving around the playing field, and in order to hit them with a stone you will need to aim in a little advance. Otherwise, you just waste a shell and can take another one only in a second (believe us, the second in this game means a lot). To cause more damage to the birds, at the end of each mission you will be able to improve the available weapons or buy new ones. For example, the boomerang is capable of causing damage to several birds in one shot, but the trajectory of its flight is fickle and in some cases throws may be ineffective.
It's better to use the boomerang at the very beginning of the battle when the birds just fly up to the throwing distance, and then you are advised to switch to aimed fire with stone shells or cannonballs. In addition to weapons, in the shop there are several other useful things, and one of them is a potion that returns you to life. It costs not that expensive so you can easily afford a dozen of beakers. Controlling in the game is performed by using conventional taps on the screen. Simply touch the place where the pig should throw another shell - and you will see the main character in action.


The graphics in the game are outstanding. In our opinion, it deserves even higher marks than the gameplay. Each new level will surprise you with a beautiful scenery on the background of which you just forget about the birds. The soundtrack consists of a single melody. It's pretty funny but too short, because of which it has to constantly repeat itself, and eventually this becomes a little annoying.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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