Brick Puzzle 3D
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Brick Puzzle 3D
Brick Puzzle 3D
Brick Puzzle 3D
Brick Puzzle 3D
Brick Puzzle 3D
Brick Puzzle 3D

Review Brick Puzzle 3D

Evgenii Kostrov
Brick Puzzle 3D is a very original puzzle game for smartphones running on the basis of Windows Phone in which you can compete in logical thinking with your friends or with a virtual opponent. The game will surely remind you of those puzzles in which you need to overcome difficult sites and deliver a rectangular block to a particular tile, after which it flies to the next location. Basically, everything here is almost the same but with some minor innovations.
As you have probably noticed from the screenshots, the playing fields here, too, consist of small square tiles, have quite spacious and narrow areas, but some tiles depict figures. Naturally, you have also noticed that there are two blocks on the playing field (in the predefined skin they are beige and dark). The first belongs to you and the second - to your opponent.

Objectives and tasks

There is no specific destination point in the game (that is, there are several of them), and its goal is to build a game score consisting just of the figures that are painted on the tiles. Whoever of you collects more points to the time when there will be no numbers left on the playing field, will be the winner. In cases where the sum of all the remaining digits on the tiles cannot cover the gap between the leader and the laggard, the game ends prematurely as the winner has already been revealed and nothing can prevent him or her.
It is therefore desirable to begin to collect large numbers and only then move on to the smaller ones. Of course, if it is easy to pick up a nearby two or three and at that you can see that the opponent cannot reach a large number in a couple of next moves, do not miss this opportunity. You will make moves in turns with you rival and since nobody hurries you up, you can think about every action and guess the follow-up actions of the opponent as long as you please.

Gameplay features

The distinctive feature of the game is that you can pick up numbers only with the abutting end of the block but not with its side. At that, the opponent (virtual) sometimes starts to cheat. If he understands what figure you are hunting for, he starts moving his block in close proximity of the tile that you need and thus try to hinder you to turn your block with its end to the figure or just to come close to a certain place on the playing field.


In general, the game is quite exciting, and the gameplay seeming already familiar to many people, has acquired new and interesting features. The graphics and sound in the game are quite modest but here they are not important. You can download the Brick Puzzle 3D game for free and play without any restrictions while sometimes encountering an advertising banner, or pay for the full version without advertisements and nothing will distract you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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