Puzzle Quest 2
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Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2

Review Puzzle Quest 2

Evgenii Kostrov
Puzzle Quest 2 is a very unusual arcade game for Windows Phone of the category of "three in a row" in which the developers have managed to add some elements of a RPG. The essence of the game is to free the main character's land from the invasion of evil goblins and witches. During the game, you will have to overcome a long distance across villages and hamlets and organize a huge number of meetings of the main character with different characters.
With some of them, a peace conversation may unfold, and after the other party becomes clear about the purpose of your visit to their distant land, maybe he or she will help your mentee with weapons and armor. There are lots of features in the game and in order to, for example, fight one of the goblins, you will need to go up to him and call a dialog box and then select a proper line in this box.

Battles features

Then there follows a screensaver depicting two soldiers trying to tear off each other's heads, but this is where the action ends and an arcade game begins in which you have to destroy identical subjects by placing them in chains vertically or horizontally in the amount of three and more pieces. To the right and left from the playing field, there are so-called fighter cards, in accordance with indicators of which we can understand who loses and who is in the lead.
In order to defeat an opponent, you will have to sacrifice some elements and assemble chains only from particular balls and skulls, depending on the situation. Each correct combination is able to deprive an opponent of a certain amount of health, but you're not alone on the playing field and the enemy will also try to assemble the necessary chains to damage your mentee. If you make a mistake and destroy the balls of the color that is not needed to win, you will damage yourself. Actually, in this style each battle against goblins, orcs and wizards passes.


If you do not want to bother yourself with moving across the locations in search of another ghoul, you can select the mini-games mode, make up your mind about the design of the playing field, as well as its elements, and get to solving puzzles of the genre of "three in a row" without any problems. The graphics in this game are pretty decent, and at some points it will please you with even quite good special effects.


The accompanying sound and music are great, too, and don't provoke a desire to mute the smartphone. The only one (in our opinion) disadvantage of this game is its price. Today, even the latest hits from developers with very big names are distributed at costs ten times less than this game are, and that's where we have failed to understand the developers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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