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Star Jumper
Star Jumper
Star Jumper
Star Jumper
Star Jumper
Star Jumper

Review Star Jumper

Evgenii Kostrov
Star Jumper is a very unusual arcade game of the category of jumpers in which we will travel along the surfaces of unknown planets. Judging by the story, the mankind has been able not only to reach other planets, but also to build some kind of bases there. After leaving one of such bases, our astronaut was going to explore another planet for minerals, and we are the ones to help him.
In order not to burden the main character with extra weight in the form of cylinders during exploring a planet, several capsules with breathing air were scattered on the surface before its exploration. These capsules should be collected so that the main character doesn't suffocate. Besides these, you will come across gemstones, and in some cases you will have to choose either oxygen or gems.

Gameplay features

The distinctive feature of the game is that all the planets will have a very weak gravity. You will be able to climb higher, then jump again and get to the neighboring planet, but it's better to perform this only in those places where there is a sign saying "Jump". If you make the main character leave the planet in the wrong place, he will fly into the open space and soon die from lack of oxygen.
The main character always runs from left to right and perform it all by himself. You can only regulate his speed by tilting the smartphone to the left and right. In order to make the astronaut jump, you need to tap the screen and hold your finger on it for some time. The longer you keep your finger on the screen, the higher the main character jumps. After removing your finger from the screen, you will have to wait until your ward touches with his feet the surface of the planet or some brow. Other way, you cannot jump.

Don't stay long at one planet

There's no point in staying a long time on one planet. You will simply collect all the crystals on it and use up all the oxygen, and by not being able to move to a neighboring planet, you will doom the main character to die. Volcanic craters encountered by the astronaut along the way, do not represent any danger but some red bubbles being emitted from the crater, are capable of depriving the space researcher of a very large oxygen supply, so it is advisable to avoid any contacts with them. Especially, if the air tanks are already half empty.


At the top of the screen there is a horizontal indicator by which you can monitor the flow of oxygen. Do not forget to keep an eye on it and then you will be able to play very long. The graphics in the game are quite decent. The animation is also quite good, but there almost no special effects. The sound is great and recalls the games for 8-bit video game consoles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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