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Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne

Review Asphalt 8: Airborne

Evgenii Kostrov
Asphalt 8: Airborne is a new part of the unrivaled races from the studio Gameloft where you will find more than one hundred and eighty breakneck races on eight corners of the world by forty-seven powerful vehicles. At that, 80% of these cars first appeared in the Asphalt series exactly. The game is based on a new, more productive graphics engine and you will notice it in the first seconds of a round.

Incredible graphics

The graphics in this game are just awesome. Things worked out to the smallest details are not only cars taking part in races, but also those that you meet along the way. The game world is detailed just as clearly. This applies to the terrain, and to the trees growing along the roadsides, and to the flowing water. Even the dividing fences shatter to pieces when collided with any road users, and the vehicles lose in accidents the doors and other parts of the body. By the way, depending on the type of terrain or weather conditions, your car will being gradually covered by a layer of dust and dirt.

Realistic physics

The physics in the game have undergone minor changes as well and, of course, to the better. Now, just as in real life, while being in a controlled drift it isn't advisable to activate nitro or hit the brakes. If you dare to do so, you will feel the charm of the realistic physics and will simply be thrown into the oncoming lane or hit seriously by a curb.

Gameplay features

In this game, in addition to new tracks, cars and challenges, you will find new opportunities. Now, by using specially twisted jumps and ramps, you will be able to perform somersaults right in the air, and it does not matter if you fail to drive on the trampoline with all the four wheels. In this case, the car will also be thrown upward but it will behave respectively (you too will spin in the air but not the way you wanted it).
Another feature of this version is an incredibly large variety of routes. The road will speckle with a huge number of intersections and alternative routes, because of which it is extremely difficult to make forecasts regarding victory. For example, on the second track laid in the heart of Japan, it is possible to break away from your rivals in a few seconds after the start, and if you look in the upper left corner of the screen, it will be clear that you are the undisputed leader, but after missing one important turn you will see just before the finish all your competitors will jump out from a small alley and leave you behind.


In general, the game, as expected, provides a lot of interesting possibilities. It will delight you with the excellent design, incredibly high-quality graphics, the astounding gameplay and a holy load of adrenaline. We recommend it to all fans of the genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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When I click the download button on my nokia 630 it just routes me to the microsoft store, but since it's no longer functional I can't install it.
I am useing Nokia 510 but it not working
I love this game .
Please I want to download this game
Nice Game in the world
How to download
My asphalt. Was of 500 Mb in Lumia 630.. But is how I can download it for offline...there is an option to download different races...but how can i download it all races means offline mode...
Am using lumia 520 and when I tap on the icon it directs me back to the menu of the phone
Brandon Girod
Try reinstalling the app or deleting the cache in your app store.
After the download it said to tap to open, so I did, and after about 7 seconds of blank screen, there was an error message and I was kicked back to the screen that said to tap to open. I tried tapping 2 more times and the same thing happens, and my phone doesn't have any sort of file manager to open it with. The only thing I see is the 800 something megabytes under the downloads section of storage sense, but opening the downloads only shows a delete button. How do I get the game to work?
Tariq Abdulla
what device are you using? Don't you see an icon for the game after installing it?
Nokia Lumia 640, and nope, no icon, I only see anything if I plug it into my computer, but the computer doesn't help, as its a PoS Chromebook
Tariq Abdulla
Sorry, I'm not sure what's happening with this. Do you have a bit of free memory on your phone? Did you try rebooting it etc? You might need to get in touch with Gameloft if none of this helps...
I need asphalt 8 airborne version xap which can support Lumia 625 and its size should be 747 MB can anyone help me....
sumith kumar
not showing in local install after downloading.........
I already downloaded xap file......but downloaded file is not store (install local..) there is all other xap file expt asphalt 8
m kiran
This game is so nice
Is there any way to download the game with mobile data without using Wi-Fi
yes my can download on online. website is click downloadxap & paste in memorycard install it .....  enjoy
Tariq Abdulla
I don't see why not... are you having trouble with this? If you get a dialog with a tick box about downloading only over WiFi, read it carefully and tick or untick it as appropriate.
How to install xap file in my Nokia Lumia 630 I don't have pc please guys help me
vishwesh padman
U can download by using uc browser in ur phone
Acchu Babu
hello can download xap file over internet only. if you download over phone it will won"t work brother
Tariq Abdulla
Hi Anwar, you can go to the windows phone tore on your phone. Just tap on "free version" above, to go there. Just look for an install button on the windows phone store web site to install it directly
Will this game work on Lumia 625
Tariq Abdulla
I think so, are you having problems with it?
can it be played offline???
ruben14 Jun 2015, at 11:32Nokia Lumia 630
i have downloaded asphalt.xap from computer..and now how should i install it in my lumia phone?
Acchu Babu
hello brother. open store and you will see downside search option press it. and see download local app. press it. asphalt.8 image will appear click it and enjoy     
Tariq Abdulla
hi there, you need to download the xap on your phone. You could copy the short url up there into your phone's internet browser. Or you can install directly from your computer if you sign in to your microsoft account. Click "free version" instead of "download" to go through to the windows phone store, where you can log in and do this.
I downloaded d file in ma phone but I don't knw hw to unlock d game
Tariq Abdulla
It might be easier if you tap on "free version" above, to go to the play store, where you can install this directly
ruben14 Jun 2015, at 12:02Nokia Lumia 630
cant i copy the xap file from computer into my phone?
Tariq Abdulla
sure, you just need to copy it across, either by connecting your phone to your computer, or with a file sharing program
Hello I download thise ashpalt 8 from windows store website in uc browser and I'll go back to store select the "install local apps /games " that shows ashpalt 8 icon I tap that icon it will be started installation out of 75% installation goes to smoothly after that it asking to" attention required" but I have leave store, why are thise asking how it resolve please help me sir, memory space in my phone I maintained internal 4.25 gb, and SD card 4.5 gb.. I using nokia Lumia 520 please help me
Tariq Abdulla
Hey there. Try uninstalling it, restarting your phone, and then reinstalling it. 
sharathkumar si
I'll try that 3times but not installing
Tariq Abdulla
maybe you can try download and install manually... it's an option further down in the windows store page
mr cool
work without any problem in my phone lumia 630
my phone is lumia 630 dual sim
i install asphalt 8 and download 280 mb data.
when open asphalt show error dont have enough free space but 
free memory 3.68 gb
free sd card 5.60 gb
please help me
Vlad Popa
Here's what you should try: first uninstall the app and restart your device. Afterwards reinstall the app and it should function properly.
Let me know if it works or if you require more assistance.
I downloaded xap file from uc browser and then I transferred it to my lapy and then to my Lumia 630 and opened install local apps on store then it started installing but when 80%of the installation was complete it stopped . So what should I do (I am having 3.25 gb space in my sd card.)
I downloaded xap file from uc browser and then I transferred it to my lapy and then to my Lumia 630 and opened install local apps on store then it started installing but when 80%of the installation was complete it stopped . So what should I do (I am having 3.25 gb space in my sd card.)
After installing asphalt 8 on my lumia 630 it is again asking for download of 280mb and is also not exceeding after 17.35mb
Vlad Popa
It is possible that the overall size of the app may change as the developers add additional content. I am not sure what you meant by: "It is also not exceeding". If you mean that the app stops downloading, then please check that you have the necessary for the download to complete.
If the issue persists then let me know and I will do my best to assist you, but please make sure to mention any error messages displayed along with a detailed description of the issue. 
Shreyaskar Srivastava
Shreyaskar Srivastava25 Jun 2015, at 14:28
Is there any link for additional file ?
HiI downloaded xap file from uc browser and then I transferred it to my lapy and then to my Lumia 630 and opened install local apps on store then it started installing but when 80%of the installation was complete it stopped . So what should I do (I am having 3.25 gb space in my sd card.)
Vlad Popa
I am not sure about what could be causing this. Is any error message displayed when the app stops installing or does it simply stop without indicating why?
It may be possible that the app + XAP file are too big, have you tried using a direct download from the App Store?
Don't have wifi
sharathkumar s i
sharathkumar s i31 May 2015, at 19:55Nokia Lumia 520
Hello sir I download ashpalt 8 from windows store in uc browser and I will go to store select to install local apps and showing the ashpalt 8 icon I tap that that is starting to installing it goes to 70% of installation offer that it asking attention required,, I'll try to install for 5 more times but that cant install please help me.. It is my favourite game
Tariq Abdulla
What error message do you get when trying to install? Could this be due to a lack of memory?
Virendra Srivastava
Virendra Srivastava27 Mar 2015, at 07:44
i am using limia 630 dual sim, i have already install asphalt 8 airborn but is not open..pls. help me
Vlad Popa
What happens when you attempt to launch the app? Please try to describe the issue with as much detail as possible and make sure to include any error messages that may be displayed.
syed saqeeb
trhis game is an fan of this game.
Asphalt 8 is not installing on my Lumia 630.What should I do
Vlad Popa
What exactly is the issue that occurs when attempting to install the game on the device? Please make sure to include any error messages displayed.
Where is version
It has arrived to wp store
Vlad Popa
If you already have the app installed then you will need to go to the Windows Phone Store and update it.
Updating means download it once again...seriously
Is it demo version cz have seen PURCHASE FULL GAME in screen shot. 
kindly confirm..
could not install after completion of download
how much space does it actully require to be free
Vlad Popa
I believe a few 1gb + a few hundred mb of available space is required, I'm afraid I do not know the exact size as it may vary from device to device.
Nirupam Vyas
Can't Install company app
There's a problem with this company app contact your company's support person for help.
Vlad Popa
We are not in any way affiliated with Gameloft. We merely review the apps and post them on our website. For any customer care issues please contact the developer directly. You can do so from here:
nao Estou conseguindo baixar Pará Meu celular. MESMO ELE tendão Espaço na memoria e Sendo COMPATIVEL. e ágora Como fico Estou Querendo Muito ESSE Jogo, POIs E Melhor de Carro Que ja vi e ja joguei
Rocky D.
Hi Team,
i have installed Start BlueStacks and then Asphalt 8, i have Windows 7, NVIDIA  7.5.760.0, 2 GB Ram, i am able to enter in the the but while selecting Car or playing, it get's black and white screen, not able to view anything, please suggest the solution
Acchu Babu
my freind. install windows 8.1,it won't work on other operating systems like windows xp,xpsp2,7
Can't install company app .. Ab kya kro koi batao ji ( ppls help) ( help pls
It works on Lumia 620 or 630
Preet Sawna
And I'm using Lumia 820
Plz help me to install it i m having issue saying " this comp app is not being install plz contact the company store.
and the other one is we have reached the storage limit
Bhai just rest ur phone than install this.its works
Superb game it works on my lumia 520 with excellent graphics
Asad25 Jun 2014, at 11:45Nokia Lumia 630
Works on Lumia 630. (y)
Naren narayan
I installed it in my lumia720......i ran well before keeps crashing always....what to do??????
Acchu Babu
my brother direct download from internet  and go to store in the mobile see and option. install local apps click it and enjoy
It shows attention required
It does not supports in nokia lumia 525
Is asphalt 8 lnstall ln my lumia 610
Alexander Vorobyev
No, it won't run on Lumia 610. Not enough RAM.
amos20 Apr 2014, at 05:20Nokia Lumia 520
it says installing then stops on the way and keeps teing me to retry, anybody know what could be wrong. im using lumia 520 by the way, i hv the game on my sd card and also sent it to the phone memory
Anmol Nilesh
Am also facing same problem on mg Lumia 620
Wait for win 8.1 update....
shashank16 Apr 2014, at 21:03Nokia Lumia 525
not installing on lumia 525.... unsupported app..(
Plz helP 520 is good for us?
tikan sahu
Gta suPPort in nokia lumia 520?
Install not finishing,why?? How to meke install??
Alexander Vorobyev
Try checking whether there's enough free space on your device. What's exactly the name of the model you use?
krrish05 Apr 2014, at 21:37Nokia Lumia 625
Not able to install in my lumia625..
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! Asphalt 8 is a really demanding game in terms of the graphics and I believe it won't launch on your phone. However, you can try downloading .apk file of the earliest release of the game and installing it manually. We hope it'd work out.
seeni095@gmail.com31 Mar 2014, at 13:21Nokia Lumia 525
can't install in my lumia 525
when i tried to Install this App in my L
when i tried to Install this App in my L22 Aug 2014, at 20:24
when i tried to Install this App in my Lumia 625 using Xap Deployer its says "Can't Read Zip File"
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