60 Seconods
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60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods
60 Seconods

Review 60 Seconods

Evgenii Kostrov
60 Seconods is an extremely dynamic shooter for Windows Phone in which your fingers will grow almost as hot as the gun barrels of the main character. Despite the fact that the game should fit in the category of time-killers, it is designed very well. This is evidenced by the high quality cartoonish graphics, great animation and good sound.

Game features

The game takes place somewhere in the Wild West, and you are a person who engaged in delivery of valuable goods across dangerous areas in the canyons and deserts. These sites are called dangerous because there you may run into a huge number of cowboys who hunt for light money as would seem, unaware that they seriously risk their lives. Prepare yourself to kill these bandits in dozens, and if you learn how to properly use a weapon, even in hundreds at a single level.
Once you're ready to play, just tap on the screen and literally a moment later you will see a whole army of cowboys on the horizon, chasing you. Nobody knows what exactly you have agreed to carry in your cart, but your speed is so slow that even the walking bandits overtake you in a jiffy. They will run on three lines and in the bottom of the playing field you will see three buttons (red, yellow and green). Each button corresponds to firing at its line and you will need to press them in time.

Difficult nuances

The situation is complicated by the fact that you cannot shoot the cowboys if partners of the attack are running ahead of them. That is, for example, if a cowboy runs on the left line the closest to you, then you first need to shoot at him. Even if other cowboys are running on the middle or right line but a step behind the one who is on the left, you cannot kill them until you destroy the nearest one even though he may not hinder you. The game is entitled this way because the first wave in each level takes exactly 60 seconds.
If you fail to the required number of cowboys, then after 60 seconds have elapsed, you will be redirected to the main menu to calculate results. Having shot the sufficient amount of bandits, you will encounter a boss. However, he will be more of a fairy-tale character, but this won't make it any easier for you. After accumulating enough points, you can pass over to the next level and meet new gangsters, and if you don't have enough points, you will have to come around the past level once or twice (at that, the earned points are summed up).


After returning to the main menu, you will be given an opportunity to play up the available bills and get some bonuses that perform the role of rather cups on the shelf of your achievements. In general, the game is not intended to be spectacular, but it is quite good as a devourer of free time. Especially, considering that the 60 Seconods game can be downloaded absolutely for free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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