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Little Monsters
Little Monsters
Little Monsters
Little Monsters
Little Monsters

Review Little Monsters

Evgenii Kostrov
Little Monsters is a funny game for Windows Phone of the category of time-killers, thanks to which you will not have too much free time on your hands and even be able to stretch your gray matter a little. The essence of the game is to skillfully use explosives and throw down from a certain structure some objectionable monsters and such are all of them, except for those which are painted in yellow.
In most cases, the monsters have a spherical shape and sit in peace on iron or wooden beams suspended in the air by an unknown force. In the lower left corner of the screen, you can take explosives and place them anywhere on the playing field. At that, you can act incrementally while evaluating the results of your actions after each explosion, or just install the necessary amount, in your opinion, of explosives in different parts of a location, and then activate all the placed bombs in one motion of the detonator handle. Naturally, in the second case you will receive a minimum number of stars, if you get them at all, so it is better to act gradually.

Features of colored monsters

As you have probably noticed from the screenshots, the monsters are different from each other in size and color but that's not all. For example, the blue oval monsters are lighter than the air, and to remove them from the playing field you will need to set off a bomb next to them or break the ice which they are usually hit up against with their tops. Only the bright red monsters are capable of coping with ice but they are quite heavy, and to move them, you will need to place explosives in close proximity to them.
The pink monsters are very jumpy and until they disappear from the playing field it may take quite some time. The green monsters are the most unpretentious and splatter after the slightest blast, while the orange giants have quite strange qualities. Of course, they are very heavy and it is pretty hard to move them, but the most interesting thing is that with all their weight they have very low inertia. That is, even having thrown such a monster with the blast to a considerable distance, you cannot be sure that it will keep rolling and fall down from the structure.


Preciseness is the path to successIn addition to the explosives, on the playing field there will soon begin to emerge barrels which also explode after even a mild shake. So, your task is to perform the work so neatly so as the barrel don't explode. It is possible to pass the level even in case of destroyed barrels, but the number of stars earned may be significantly reduces owing to extra explosions. The graphics in the game are very simple and feature nothing very special, but it's not the most important thing with this gameplay. There is also a soundtrack available, but we would recommend to prepare headphones for listening to the radio or songs from the player.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 2/10
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