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Real Speed
Real Speed
Real Speed
Real Speed
Real Speed
Real Speed
Real Speed

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Evgenii Kostrov
Modern graphics, unusual game play, ability to customize controls, true-to-life physics
Too few levels, graphics could have been better, paid continuation
Real Speed is a pretty good simulator of racing by sports cars for Windows Phone, in which you will compete for the first place against three other players. The game provides a total of six cars and four tracks, and it's probably the game's only disadvantage. You will not find here the licensed cars, that is, there are simply no such vehicles in reality, although there are some similarities of some of them with well-known sports cars, of course.

Game features

The fact that the cars in this game were invented by the developers, cannot be a cause for frustration for one simple reason - they look very qualitatively and behave on the road more than natural, except that here it is impossible to encounter a rival since the cars just pass through each other. But as for the rest, the physics are on top. You will feel every little bump while driving on the side of the road and will be tired of coming back from grass or a sand curb on track after every proper skid. The latter, by the way, will be galore in the game.

Difficult moments

To be honest, we failed to even understand why there is a button among the means of controlling responsible for hand-braking, while its activation even at a low speed causes an almost complete loss of control over the vehicle. The quality of the track and its surroundings truly deserves respect. The only thing missing on the smartphone screen is the route map with the current location, which is why every turn will be a big surprise for you.
Some complexity is added by the fact that neither your vehicle not the vehicles of your opponents have the tail lamps turning on during braking. If they worked, we could follow the speed rate at least at the expense of the car ahead, but here we are as well given the opportunity to fly out the roar at full speed and collide with fencing. The vehicle won't suffer from such accidents but the time will be wasted.
We cannot say that the opponents keep on the track very well. Among them there will certainly be those who will from time to time fly out the track just like you do, but it would be silly to participate in races while hoping only that the opponents will make mistakes. It is better to gain experience and try to make fewer errors yourself.


By default, the steering is carried out by an accelerometer and some virtual buttons are responsible for acceleration and brakes. In the game settings, you can turn the steering touch, but after a couple of races we realized that it isn't good because the car simply starts rolling from side to side. The tracks in the game are small but have a lot of turns, so you may not hope for a soon crossing the finish line.


In general, the game is pretty decent. The main thing is to get used to the sensitive controlling and lack of navigational aids, and then you will be able to show the rear bumper to all the participants both at the start and at the finish.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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But I don't download games in this mobile.
Why cant I download games in this mobile
Dino ;)
Dino ;)29 Mar 2014, at 04:03Nokia Lumia 625
very nicy Game )) All Stars for you )) Lets driving
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