Great Big War Game
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Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game

Review Great Big War Game

Evgenii Kostrov
Great Big War Game is a great turn-based strategy on military subjects in which you will manage a small branch of commandos landed by helicopter on an enemy's territory in order to eliminate frontier guards and seize the land. The game features good three-dimensional graphics made in cartoon style, funny animation, and an excellent soundtrack.
For greater convenience in terms of navigation, the game has support for multitouch with which you can scale the playing field and spread your soldiers in accordance with positioning of the enemy army's fighters. As it has already been mentioned, the events of the game are developing incrementally. You can choose one of your soldiers and then order him to proceed to some of the highlighted areas of the location. In cases when the enemy soldiers are already within reach, you can give the order to open fire.

Gameplay features

It would seem simple, but do not jump to conclusions. The fact is that the enemy soldiers are also able to shoot and they do it very well. Besides, the gameplay is complicated by the fact that the enemies act on the defensive and are not going to spend precious turns to move across the locations (if they do, though, they do it in very rare cases). This means that after you use your moves to get close to the enemies within the range, they will just open fire towards your soldiers.
Even in the first level, you will have to properly think so that at least two of your cutthroats could get to the last enemy fighter. In this case there is no guarantee that they together would have more strength than the one whom you are going to attack. In the case when you cannot see any notable moves or have nowhere to go, you can simply abandon the turn and pass it to the enemy. Whatever funny or silly it may sound, there will be a holy load of such situations.

Call for reinforcement and elimination of the Commander-In-Chief

To win the game it is not necessarily to destroy all the enemy soldiers. It is enough to kill their general, and your men will dance. Those soldiers that you have at your disposal at the beginning of the game, definitely won't be sufficient to win. To call for reinforcement, you have to find where the fire burns and send one of your soldiers to this area. Immediately after that, some helicopters appear in the sky (or some cars on the road) which will bring a few paratroopers.


In addition to the interesting gameplay, in this game you will find a lot of humorous moments that are sure to make you smile. You can download the game for free and try your hand at a few fights. In the paid version, you will see 50 missions in the campaign mode, as well as some multiplayer modes in which you can play with your friends on one smartphone or with other rivals through an Internet connection. In general, fans of the genre will enjoy this game and it will help get rid of a huge amount of free time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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