Drive Hard Taxi
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Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi
Drive Hard Taxi

Review Drive Hard Taxi

Evgenii Kostrov
Lots of levels, unusual plot, unusual game play
Inconvenient controls, graphics could have been better, paid continuation
Drive Hard Taxi is a pretty interesting simulator for Windows Phone where you will find an old yellow crate and a huge number of potential clients who want to get from one place in the city to another. In other words, you will have to try yourself as a taxi driver who makes his living in transportations.


At the beginning of the game, you will have a really old car at your disposal which resembles the first Fiat or AvtoVAZ models. For each trip, you have five minutes and during this time you should manage to find and carry through the city the maximum number of customers. This way you will earn money and get an opportunity to repair or improve your car, and when you have a sufficient amount of money, you will be able to get rid of your crate and buy more or less decent car.
In addition to a certain fixed price, the main character can make money in several more ways. Catch the green icon on the road and then a sincere conversation will happen between the driver and the passenger, thanks to which the client will be in a good mood and leave more money than planned according to the order. You can also collect chests with money and bonuses to help you stay on the road longer. This won't be an easy job, and in the game there will often be situations due to which you will waste the vast majority of earnings.

Controlling features

First of all, the main troublemaker in the game is the controlling which will bring you a lot of problems and make you fork out for more often than one would like. Accidents will accompany you during all races, but it's not about the traffic situation (although the traffic is quite dense at times) but about the fact that you will simply be confused with the controlling. While it is quite easy to cope with forward and reverse movements, as well as with the brakes, the wheel will literally fly out of your hands.
So, in order to go forward, you need to slide your finger upward on the right half of the screen (at that, you have to hold your finger while you are willing to keep moving). To brake you should use the button with an appropriate inscription located in the lower right corner of the screen. To back up you need to do a swipe down the right side and hold your finger on the screen to the point where you will need to stop.
The rudder is responsible for turning, it is located in the lower left corner of the screen, but the way you need to manage it is sometimes exasperating. So, to turn to the right you need to touch the right half of the steering wheel and pull down to the direction of rotation. There's a similar story about turning to the left. The problem here is that the rudder is of a very small diameter and you will always miss the active zones.

Start of the game and upgrade of the car

Another problem which many users have to face is the very start of the game. In the main menu, you will see different vehicle components and assemblies, a tap on which produces the upgrade of a particular element. Having earned the appropriate amount of money, you can tap on a new car and purchase it. At the same time, a small window with your vehicle and the main character standing against its background, is responsible for starting the game. You just need to make two taps on this window, and you will find yourself in some metropolis.


It is pretty easy to seek for customers in the game. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a button that lets you look at a map and find out where people are in need of a taxi service. Once the client is in the car, a pointer emerges in front of it, indicating the route, so there is no problem with navigation in the game. The graphics in the game are three-dimensional and, actually, pretty decent. It doesn't qualify for the one that we see in the games of the Asphalt series, but, in general, it is quite playable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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