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Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy
Free Billy

Review Free Billy

Evgenii Kostrov
Free Billy is a funny arcade game on agility from the studio XIMAD INC, in which you will collect treasures from the seabed. You will find a funny character named Billy who swims along the bottom, rake debris and collect chests of gold. We're sure that many of you have recognized in the main character an angler-fish or as it is called, a sea devil. Perhaps, in reality, this little fish can fill you with fear owing to its appearance, but here we see the ridiculous tadpole that childishly enjoys every completed level and emits rather an angelic laugh when goes to the next location.
Above the head of our ward there's hanging a lantern that illuminates his path. You and we can see the location as a whole, but the main character doesn't see anything farther the dotted line around him. Despite the presence of the chests of gold in the game, the main challenge for our character is, probably, to overcome the way from one portal to another. While along the way, you can collect some gold and refresh yourself a bit with small fishes which are hiding behind the stones.


The first levels will not cause you big problems and you will be able to easily reach the portal at the other end of the location without forgetting to collect all of the chests on the way. Moreover, you will simply fail to lead the fish past the chests. In the future, you will be awaited by some difficulties and even dangers which can block the main character in some cave or knock senseless with a punch. You will have to carefully swim through underwater caves and labyrinths destroying walls on which heavy boulders may lie.

Game features

Before you start to destroy everything on your path, it is necessary to carefully examine the location and think about the course of action, so that no chest falls into an abyss and no boulder crushes the main character. You can ruin the partitions only when they are lit by the lantern of the angler. That is, you have to bring the fish to such a partition as close so as a partition's part crosses the dotted line representing the radius of the field of vision. Controlling in the game is simple enough. Touch the main character and lead your finger across the screen leaving a trail in the form of a line, and the angler will immediately begin to move along the path marked by you.


The graphics in the game are drawn and slightly coarse (lots of angular elements) but made quite accurately. The sound is great and will surely lift your spirits. There is an impressive number of levels in the game, but the developers moreover promise to add a new location soon.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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