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Review BoxRush

Evgenii Kostrov
In front of you is a very funny and fascinating time-killer for Windows Phone in which you will manage a small cart, BoxRush. The objective of the game is one which is to deliver blocks of various shapes to the finish by using as a transport an ordinary cart with a flat platform. Before the start, you will have to load it with all the building materials, and it must be done in such a manner so as not to lose anything on the way.


The blocks that need to be delivered to the finish line, are positioned just above the cart. You have to determine the correct order of their placement on the cart's platform which means that you can take any of them without complying with any consistency. However, there is a caveat. The thing is that, when looking at some kind of conveyor located at the top of the screen, you can find out only the shape of a block that you take but its size will remain a mystery to you as long as you don't touch it. At that, you cannot put back the unit which you have taken. As well, you cannot adjust the block which you have already put on the truck.
As soon as you load all the blocks on the cart, a countdown will start, after ending of which you will have to departure. Time is ticking away in the game and you need to manage to get to the finish flag until the timer expires. The more time you have left on arrival to the finish line, the more game points you earn. It would seem that the game is not big deal, but do not jump into conclusions and be prepared for surprises.

Game features

The thing is that the road is not perfectly smooth. From time to time, on your way there will appear mounds of different lengths which may make you lose all of the goods if they are placed wrong or in cases when you will be driving at a too high speed. Before each hillock, you will see a yellow warning sign, but in this case either it is not advisable to take steps too quickly. It's all owing to the physics that is implemented in the game at B+. Once you slow down too fast, and the cargo may fall off the truck, as the momentum has not been canceled in the game.


That is, actually, all that can be said about the gameplay. It is clear that with each level the number of both the cargo and the bumps will increase, and the time for its delivery will become less. Controlling in the game is very simple. For acceleration of the cart, a tap on the right half of the screen is responsible, and for braking a tap on the left half of the screen is. Design of the game is quite modest, but the graphics are on quite a decent level, and the whole gameplay is accompanied by some interesting music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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