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Space Taxi

Space TaxiSpace TaxiSpace TaxiSpace TaxiSpace TaxiSpace Taxi


Evgenii Kostrov
Posted: Evgenii KostrovTested 17 May 2017 on Nokia Lumia 920

Manage a space taxi without brakes

Space Taxi is a nice arcade game with a logical bias for Windows Phone in which you have to try yourself as a taxi driver working not in cities with dense traffic, but in outer space. As you may have guessed, your customers will be the residents of different planets and they will travel to other planets. However, they will have to start their journey not from the planets, but from a space station.
We are not going to deal with the way our travelers get to these stations, but we will have to understand how the flight is performed. According to the logic, it would be reasonable to assume that a flight from one planet to another should be carried out by taking into account the gravitational field, as it was implemented in the games Starcrossed and Angry Birds Space. However, in this game there is not a slightest trace of gravity (except for black holes), and the travelling between the planets is carried out with the help of ricochets. Moreover, even if you have only one destination, you will have to visit all the planets which are available on the playing field.

Sort out the flight tactics

To understand how the space taxi moves, imagine a pool table where all the balls except for the cue ball are glued to the cloth, and you cannot get to the pocket without hitting other balls. So it is here. Just calculate the departure direction so that the taxi hits the intermediate planets at the correct angle and eventually reaches the destination.
At the first glance, the game may seem simple, but in reality it is not. It is pretty hard to calculate the correct angle of the bounce, even when as an obstacle there appears a perfectly smooth surface. Even harder it is in cases when there should be several such bounces. And here we will have to count the angles of reflection from the surfaces of the round planets. Now do you understand that the slightest shift of the flight path may cost you and your passenger your lives?

Gameplay features

In addition to the main task of delivering a client to a certain planet, there is a minor objective in the game which is to collect stars. Generally speaking, such a deal provokes compound feelings. At first, there are enough problems in the game besides the stars which stubbornly refuse to be collected. At second, their location in the open space can give you a little hint of the approximate direction of the flight, after which you will be able to succeed at least in the major objective.


The thing that complicates the challenge is also the fact that the ship isn't fixed to the launch platform. This implies that you will have to calculate not only the trajectory of the space taxi, but also the place for the start in relation to horizontal. In general, there really is something to smash your head over. The graphics in the game are cartoonish and made quite accurately. However, even during the gameplay, an advertising banner flashes on the screen, but given the fact that thanks to it, you can download the game Space Taxi for free, you may as well close your eyes to it. The sound and music are wonderful and you will certainly like them.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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