Monster Lines
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Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines
Monster Lines

Review Monster Lines

Evgenii Kostrov
Monster Lines is a pretty exciting arcade game with a logical bias in which your objective will be the destruction of monsters designed in the form of cubes. The features of the game lie in the fact that only those monsters are subject to destruction that arranges themselves in a row of three pieces in the course of your actions.

Gameplay features

If all of a sudden it turns out that four or five monsters disappear in one move, you can immediately undo the last move, since the total number of the similar monsters in the game is always a multiple of three. That is, in the above situation, there will be one or two monsters of a certain type on the playing field that cannot then be destroyed.
The monsters can only be moved one square in any direction. And it does not matter whether the first move will be effective or not - the cubes will remain at the places in which you have arranged them. The game has a total of 60 levels, and even getting to level 30, you will have at your disposal only two moves. It is interesting, however, that even doing 10 moves, you won't be redirected to the menu, but as soon as the problem is solved (with more turns than permitted), you will be told that the game is over and you will have to start with the re-solving the last level.
At first, the game will be pretty simple and finding the right solution will happen very quickly, but over time the solutions will get masked, and in order to cause a chain reaction to destroy the monsters you will have to move blocks which not exactly catch your eye but still are located at a distance from their own kind. Besides, the range of monsters will grow significantly. You will need to take into account not only the color of the monster block, but also the look on his face (look, smile, grin, etc.).

Controlling and hints

The game controlling is carried out by gestures. Touch the block that you are interested in and move it in the right direction. If there is a monster in the chosen place, they will just change places. In the game, there are hints but the free ones are very limited, so it is better to withhold them at least until the thirties levels.


To get a hint, it is enough to make a tap on the icon with the letter "I" in the upper left corner of the screen and then choose how you want to use a hint. Then you will only need to move the blocks in the direction indicated by a pointer, and you can pass over to the next level. The graphics in the game are excellent, despite the fact that it is made in a minimalistic style. The sound is good, too, and is unlikely to provoke negative thoughts in you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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