Xtreme Joyride
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Xtreme Joyride
Xtreme Joyride
Xtreme Joyride
Xtreme Joyride
Xtreme Joyride
Xtreme Joyride

Review Xtreme Joyride

Evgenii Kostrov
Xtreme Joyride is a very amusing and even somehow funny arcade racing by cartoon cars across hilly roads that lie in a desert. The game may become a good time-killer for you and will certainly help pass the time in transport or a long line, while for children it will be a wonderful opportunity for a relaxing pastime, and thus will provide you with free time to relax or do some business. In general, with this arcade you can both get a free time and get rid of it as well.

Game features

Apparently, there is only one track in the game but a lot of cars though, and you can afford each of them when having earned the necessary means. To save money in the game is a very complex challenge not because they are earned in small amounts, but because you will want to spend them on buying new spare parts and upgrading the vehicle that you drive at the moment.
For each car, there are several free options. Among them there is a change of color and several types of wheels. For other pleasures, you will have to pay. At that, if you cannot wait, you can use not only the in-game currency, but also the most sheer money.
The essence of the game is to travel the maximum distance without breaking the vehicle. However, there is still a limit in this process which is that the tank in the car is not bottomless. To be honest, we failed to completely empty the tank in the car during the testing of the game, but we yet succeeded to see the inscription that we were running out of gasoline.
At the beginning of the game, you have two hearts symbolizing the life of the racer and the state of the car. Tellingly, you will lose the first heart in case of even the smallest mistake, but the second one can withstand even a single turn-over to the roof. To make racing not so boring, you can use acceleration and spin flips during long jumps. At that, each whirl of the vehicle (either backward or forward) gives you additional $100.


ControllingBy default, the vehicle controlling is carried out be means of virtual buttons in the lower corners of the screen, but you can go to the settings and switch controlling to an accelerometer. The car accelerates by itself, and your only task is to keep it in balance when it overcomes the rough sections of the route, or take off on the hills. The accelerator is activated by a tap on controls and is restored some time after being used. The graphics in the game cannot be considered serious but are made ​​quite accurately. The soundtrack will surely delight you, because it consists of a foot-tapping country music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 10/10
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