3D Zombienstein
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3D Zombienstein
3D Zombienstein
3D Zombienstein
3D Zombienstein
3D Zombienstein

Review 3D Zombienstein

Evgenii Kostrov
3D Zombienstein is a very interesting and addictive zombie shooter for Windows Phone which will surely remind you of the days when games like Doom set records of popularity among gamers all over the world. Of course, there are much less special effects in this game and not so many monsters, but the actual gameplay is very similar. At that, if you compare this game with the first versions of Doom, it's graphics are several orders higher in quality.


Events in the game develop in the first person, and this means that you will never know what your ward looks like. Don't be upset about it. The main thing is that you will see what weapon is in his hand, and to take appropriate action when dealing with zombies, skeletons, mutants, and other representatives of the undead. As such, there is no goal in the game. You will wander through the endless corridors and rooms in search of another victim, simultaneously collecting money, ammunition, body armor, and hearts. Some rooms will be closed with the electronic lock, and to open the door you will have to wander through the neighboring rooms searching for a switch.
When running into the mutants, it is advisable not to wait for the moment when they come too close. It's not even that they crave the blood of the main character, but that they may deprive him of his life even at a remote distance. To be honest, we failed to understand what weapon is used by the mutants, because there is nothing in their hands, but when approaching them the main character starts to be attacked by some kind of red-hot balls taking away the lion's share of health. Sometimes, these balls can be rejected, but when there come too many zombies, you have almost zero chances for survival. Especially in situations when there is no firearm in the hands of your ward, but instead he's got only an ax.


Controlling in the game is very convenient, and it is performed by means of a touch screen. In the left and right bottom corners there are virtual joysticks. The left one in charge of movements across locations, and the right one is for the direction of movements. At the top right there is a button controlling fire or strokes, and at the top left there is a button responsible for action. With it, you will activate the buttons of the electronic locks and open the doors. The money gathered in the vastness of locations, can be used in the in-game store to buy ammunition, health and armor.


Initially, you have only a gun, but as the game progresses you will find also automatic weapons and rifles. By the way, it's better to give up a machine gun, because it requires too significant consumption of ammunition, and at that, it's rather worthless in comparison with an ordinary gun. That is, actually, all that we can tell you about the gameplay. The rest you can find out on your own without putting off for a long time. Especially, given the fact that the game is absolutely free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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harry cruz
There's a problem when you get to certain levels there no way to obtain keys to open the doors even if look for them and because of this certain levels can't be completed.and episode 6seems to never come.
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