Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
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Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

Review Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

Evgenii Kostrov
Игра Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a cartoon kart racing by looped tracks with lots of turns. Depending on what type of race you choose, you will have to race either against virtual opponents, or against the ghost of your own kart left after the first round. However, while in the first case you need to come to the finish line first, in the second case the game is more of a training character and allows you to hone your skills of passing sharp turns comparing each new round with the previous result.


Before starting the race, you can choose the vehicle you are going to drive and the country on which territory the track is situated. However, you will have to load the tracks individually directly from the interface of the game. The vehicles differ primarily in engine power and maneuverability. Moreover, you can choose any of them without waiting for any achievements in racing. You will just have to deal with some feature of the controlling, and each of the cars have they own such a feature.
The physics in the game is implemented on a high level, which is why almost no turn will not go without skidding. However, if you know that to get out of a skid you need to steer a wheel in its direction and have at least some experience in this business, no difficulties will arise for you. The initial possibility to choose any car does not mean that there is nothing to strive for in the game.

Upgrade and bonuses

By making money during the races, you will get an opportunity to upgrade any car and make it faster and more obedient to controlling, but all it takes time and a little perseverance. Typically, on each track there will be two bonuses allowing to significantly speed up your vehicle with jet engines.
Search for the flags with the logo of Red Bull on the tracks, and once you have slipped over them, turbines of the kart get tuned on. Their work will be short, but with due diligence you will break away from your rivals to a pretty good distance. The controlling in the game is carried out by using a touch screen. The left and right bottom corners of the screen are responsible for turns, and the central lower part of the screen is in charge of the brakes which you also need to use.


In the above-mentioned locations, pedals are shown, but they are so narrow that at first you just do not pay attention to them. The graphics in the game are of a quite acceptable quality. The sound fits well into the gameplay, too, though doesn't feature something extraordinary. You can download the game Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour and play through it completely without any advertisements.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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