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No Gravity
No Gravity
No Gravity
No Gravity
No Gravity
No Gravity

Review No Gravity

Evgenii Kostrov
No Gravity is a pretty good third-person shooter for Windows Phone which was ported straight from the PSP. The game takes place where there is almost no gravity, and your target will be a large army of aliens who are trying to spread a deadly virus to nearby galaxies with the aim of achieving the liveable planets.
At your disposal there will be any of the six combat starships presented and your own experience. At that, it is the latter that you will have to pay more attention, because the controlling in the game is quite strange and not every gamer will deal with it successfully. Essentially, all of the virtual buttons are in very convenient places, and the use of various types of weapons doesn't cause problems even to a child, but the controlling of a spaceship - it's a wow.

Controlling features

It seems that the developers have misinterpreted the inversion and for some reason don't hurry to fix the mistake. Generally, by tilting the smartphone forward, you will cause the ship to dive in the appropriate direction, and by moving it towards yourself, you will begin to gain altitude which sounds pretty strange in terms of the space, but that is not the case, and the case is that by tilting the smartphone to the right, you will direct your ship to the left, and vice versa, by tilting it to the left, you will fly to the right.
Everything would be fine, if your mission was a simple journey through the infinite expanses of the outer space, but when it comes to intense battles in which you need to aim well, the game just starts to seem unbearably difficult. Moreover, in the game settings it is possible to change the vertical inversion but not the horizontal one. Frankly speaking, it's a strange approach somehow. As for the rest, the game is brilliant. You will find huge three-dimensional locations, small enemy ships, and entire space stations which are also to be destroyed.

Weapons and additional features of the spaceship

There are more than enough weapons in the game, but they differ in damage and firing rates. That is, to maintain the most effective battle, you will have to not only learn how to operate the ship, but also to use a variety of weapons depending on the situation. In addition to the weapons, your ship has another useful feature that allows you to quickly move away to a great distance from a space station to estimate the size of the enemy fleet and to choose the optimal target possible amongst many ships scurrying back and forth.


The game will please you with good-quality three-dimensional graphics and the sound that fits perfectly into the gameplay. In the free version just one spaceship is available for you, but even this will be enough to understand what you may expect of the controlling, and to decide whether to purchase or uninstall the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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