Fire Truck 3D
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Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D

Review Fire Truck 3D

Evgenii Kostrov
Fire Truck 3D is a pretty good simulator for Windows Phone in which you are to learn to drive a fire truck and put out fires in various districts of a metropolis. Depending on the level, the challenges will be either duty fire response, or training runs on the training ground. In the first case, you will have to drive along wide avenues, and in the second case, you will practice sharp turns and almost a slalom by a heavy car.
You will need to act very quickly, because during the fire every second can cost people's lives. Naturally, moving through the streets of the city will not be easy, no matter how wide they are. At that, the yelling fire alarm siren on your fire truck siren doesn't affect the flow of oncoming and following cars. Despite the fact that collisions with cars from the city flow will bring you to penalties, driving on the wrong side of the road is permitted and, in some cases, even encouraged.

Gameplay features

We haven't quite understood one point in the game, but waiving it would be wrong. Generally speaking, besides the natural difficulties related to moving in a dense traffic, the game provides the artificial ones. Moreover, they were obviously worked out by some bad guys. While driving the car, look out for the places on the roads where a red circle will shimmer in front of you. As soon as you to get into it, there will be an explosion of such a power that the fire truck will be thrown up to a great height. Most of these places will emerge at crossroads before the corner. At that, they will appear on the part of a road where the path of optimal turn lies.
The game has a three-dimensional design and you can drive anywhere you want, but if you want to get to the fire scene as quickly as possible, it is necessary to follow the direction that will always be indicated by a green pointer. When arrived at the fire place, you need to park your car next to the hydrant, as will be illustrated by a parking lot specially marked in blue.
If parking is successful, the mark will turn bright green and you move to the next stage of the game. In front of you there will appear a building on fire and a stream of water from a water jet cannon which should be directed to the fire hazards until they are eliminated. As soon as you deal with your tasks, you will unlock the access to other trucks, most of which do not even related to firefighting.


Controlling, graphics and soundThe vehicle is controlled by four touch buttons and one switch. To the left there are the pointers in charge of steering, and to the right there are virtual accelerator pedals and brakes, as well as the propel switch (forward/backward). The graphics in the game are quite decent for a game of this genre and will not cause you discontentment. The sound is not bad as well, but it is a little monotonous and starts to annoy after a while.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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