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Air Soccer Fever
Air Soccer Fever
Air Soccer Fever
Air Soccer Fever
Air Soccer Fever
Air Soccer Fever

Review Air Soccer Fever

Evgenii Kostrov
Air Soccer Fever is a highly original and fascinating game for Windows Phone which can be a great time-killer not only for you, but also for your friends. At first glance it looks like air hockey, but as you can see, this game is closer to football, not hockey, and now you are going to learn why. The playing field in the Air Soccer Fever really resembles an air hockey table and is divided into two halves, each of them has a goal.

Gameplay features

Instead of a puck, in this game you will manage a ball which is quite natural, but this is not the most important difference from the game popular in many entertainment centers. The first thing that catches the eye is the presence of three mallets on each side playing field, and each of them you can use but, again, not in the way it is performed in air hockey. There, if you remember, you always have to hold a mallet in the hand and try not to miss a puck thrown in the direction of your goal. Here, though, you have to make throws with mallets, and they feel very comfortable even on the opposite side of the playing field.
One more feature of the game is that all the actions between you and your opponent are carried out in turns (turn-based) - have you made a move, then you wait for the opponent to make it, and this continues until somebody of you score a goal. Since the game focuses on football, there are even relevant rules and penalties. As soon as you kick the opponent's mallet with your mallet several times, your mallet receives at first a yellow card, and then gets removed from the field.

Settings and game modes

The game has lots of settings making it possible to change the number of allowed goals in a match and many other parameters from the world of football. Before the game starts, you can choose a one of hundreds of teams playing for various countries, one of 8 football fields with a coloring from classical to neon style, as well as one of 8 balls that have different patterns and hues. There is also a huge amount of modes in the game, and this is probably its biggest advantage.
You can play against the computer in a friendly match, or try your hand against it in a tournament. There is also a mode where you can play with your friend on the same device or with a stranger via Internet connection. In general, the game will definitely delight you with its capabilities, as well as great-quality graphics and an excellent soundtrack.


You can download Air Soccer Fever for free and play all modes without restrictions, but there are advertisements in the menu (there is none in the game, though). To get rid of the advertising for good, you will have to pay for the game a very reasonable sum.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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