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Zombies Can't Jump

Zombies Can't JumpZombies Can't JumpZombies Can't JumpZombies Can't JumpZombies Can't Jump


Evgenii Kostrov
Posted: Evgenii KostrovTested 24 Apr 2017 on Nokia Lumia 920

Shoot back zombies in two directions

Zombies Can't Jump is a very peculiar game for Windows Phone in which we can find a dynamic gameplay filled with action and shooting. As you have probably realized, the game is about zombies which will make every effort to feast on warm human flesh, and you will have to do your best to prevent this from happening.

Game features

The game is a little bit like horizontal shooters in which the main characters are standing at one edge of the playing field and try to survive the onslaught of the large army of the enemy. The first distinctive feature of Zombies Can't Jump is that here you will lead two characters at once. They will be a cowboy and his desperate girlfriend whom zombies have surrounded on all sides. Hence the second feature follows automatically - both main characters will be in the center of the screen, not at the edge of the playing field.
The title of the game is directly related to the gameplay, because the main characters don't just shoot the mutants, but also hide from them in boxes that they will have to build themselves. Zombies don't really know how to jump, but they can break the wooden boxes in a few seconds, and then nothing can save our shooters. In addition to the boxes, the main characters can create spikes that not only hold back the onslaught of the mutants for a while, but also inflict significant damage. However, they cannot stand tall for a long time as well, and after several attacks the spikes cease to exist.


The zombies attack in waves, as in the games of the genre of RTS and Tower Defense, and each new wave will consist of more undead. In addition, as you progress through the game, the dead will produce a kind of an immunity making them less vulnerable. If you put enough effort to win, you will be able to upgrade your weapons or buy new ones, as well as build a few boxes or spikes between attacks.


The boxes can be also built during the game, but as long as the main character is busy building, he or she cannot shoot. At this time, he can be covered up by the partner, but again, only in the case when the horizon from his or her side is clear of the mutants. The number of built boxes and spikes depends on how many undead you are able to destroy. The most difficult part in this will be the fact that you will have to make a choice between the box and the spikes, and very often the choice is wrong. Controlling the main characters is performed by means of taps on the screen which is intelligible on the intuitive level. The graphics in the game are of excellent quality. The sound won't disappoint you either.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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06 Oct 2021, at 01:14
please help me · Nokia Lumia 925
Please help me


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