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Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2
Monster Stack 2

Review Monster Stack 2

Evgenii Kostrov
Monster Stack 2 is a very funny arcade game for agility in which we have to recall our earliest childhood and our first toys. Although if you look, those who can use smartphones will hardly be able to recollect themselves at a year and a half or two years. In general, it is not important. What is important is that this children's game has very simple requirements to fulfill which not every adult can meet.
So, we will have to deal with the construction of pyramids and towers of various blocks, balls and objects of other shapes. However, the construction material is very unusual. Firstly, it is very fluffy thanks to which the slipping of one unit over another is practically impossible, and secondly, it is alive and very hungry. On the playing field in each new level, you will see a mouth-watering piece of meat to be fed to one of the characters.

Gameplay features

At the beginning of the game, it won't be difficult to get to the drumstick, because it will be in the center of the screen right under the place where you can start building the tower. Over time, the task will become more difficult due to the fact that the meat pulls away from the center and the platform on which you can start building a tower or a pyramid will remain in the center of the screen or even move away from it in the direction opposite to the delicacy. After a certain time, there will be almost nothing left of the platform, and you will have to arrange the blocks upon very unreliable structures.
In addition to the square and rectangular characters, there will begin to appear the round ones, and the hardest thing is that they will be delivered as by a conveyor, that is, you cannot select the type of character and will have to comply with the order of their occurrence. You will have to try very hard to correctly calculate the center of gravity of each element individually and the overall construction at the whole, because the fall of at least one character means losing, and you will be forced to start passing the level out of the chute.

Everything may collapse at any moment

Even when the structure is assembled completely and the meat is in the teeth of one of the characters, you won't be guaranteed the success until the indicator which appears in the center of the screen, gets filled. This is a kind of a timer of strength which checks whether the resulting construction is sustainable. Controlling in the game is carried out by using a touch screen. Just touch the screen, and a translucent silhouette of the next live block will appear on it. Move it where you want and take your finger off the screen. If the unit will stand firm, you can get to the next one, but if it falls... Well, you already know the rules.


The graphics in the game are of very good quality and nice, made in a cartoon style. The sound is also good and goes well with the gameplay. The most interesting feature of the game is that it has three modes. The first features more than 200 stationary levels, in the second one you will play randomly selected levels from the Internet, and in the third mode you will be able to create levels yourself.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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