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iBlast Moki
iBlast Moki
iBlast Moki
iBlast Moki
iBlast Moki

Review iBlast Moki

Evgenii Kostrov
iBlast Moki is a good arcade game with puzzle elements in which we are to do good deeds with the very real explosives. Cannot imagine that? Yes, we also doubt that with explosions one can achieve something good, but this game proves that this is possible. So, in this game we will find funny round creatures who do not have legs, but very eager to get home.


The shortest route to their homes is a portal which in most cases is two steps away from our characters, but you remember that they have no steps to measure because of the lack of legs, don't you? However, we have an explosive that will be able to throw anyone by the blast in the right direction. The main thing is to position the explosives, and the rest is paperwork. Although, we can this easily tell you only about the first levels where both the character and explosives will be presented in a single instance. In a short time, you will have to think about how to send a few characters to the portal.

Game features

From that moment on, you will await a huge number of challenges that cannot be overcome without a few failed attempts during the experiments. Firstly, the game locations will be something far from a plain ground. You'll have to throw the characters out of ravines and try to prevent them from falling into an abyss. Secondly, you will have to use no longer one but several bombs, and if during the installation of the first one, you still see the approximate flight path of the main character after the explosion, you will have to put the second and subsequent ones at random based on your assumptions and mental calculations.
Thirdly, you will need to adjust the timer of the detonator which is, in our opinion, the most difficult thing. The fact is that after the start of the gameplay, initially the bombs explode almost immediately, or to be more precise, by 0.05 seconds after pressing the "Play". You can increase the delay of the explosion by turning the pink circle around the bomb, and make it explode, for example, by 0.5 seconds after the explosion of the first bomb. This is needed to ensure that the main character flew up to the second explosive in a fraction of a second before the next explosion and continued his way without stopping in the right direction.


Now, do you understand what a fine-tuning of detonators is waiting for you, and why you will have to make several attempts, in order to achieve a better result? In general, the game is pretty interesting. The only thing that you may not like, is the quality of graphics that at some moments cannot be rated with more than a C. Perhaps, this is intentional, but we have no willing to call this course of the developers correct. The sound is just fine and well complement what is happening on the other side of the screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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