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Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage
Super Voltage

Review Super Voltage

Evgenii Kostrov
Super Voltage is a very addictive arcade game for Windows Phone with puzzle elements which will surely remind you about the games of the category of plumbers. There really are many different segments of a pipe which can be rotated counter-clockwise and put in such a way that the resulting structure is long, but you will not see the water here. Actually, for the same reason you may not worry about the ends of the general construction which remained without a cap in this game.

Objectives and tasks

The goal of the game is to destroy small monsters who quietly sit in their cells and silently move around the playing field, but are beginning to show evil grin, if you touch them. On the left and right sides of the screen, there are pipes with several branches (or wires). One pipe is blue, and everything that gets connected to it, will turn blue, as well. The second pipe is of yellow color and, of course, all the elements connected to it will turn yellow, too.
And what happens with the blue and yellow colors, if we mix them? That's right - they turn green, but in this game the situation is not limited to a simple color change. The connected sites first become greenish, and then an electrical discharge runs across their surface and blows up everything that gets in its way. It is through the electricity we need to get rid of the monsters sitting on the elements of the construction. By the way, the element on which a monster sits, is impossible to rotate, so you have to find a workaround, in order to create a closed circuit.

Gameplay features

It should be noted that for the destruction of monsters, you don't have to look for such an option of arrangement of structural elements in which the electricity would go through a monster. You can create a separate branch yet not connecting its ends to the right or left side of the screen, and try to find some tee (T-cell) which will allow to make an additional branch of the structure and bring it to a monster. Generally speaking, the main thing is to ensure the so-called contact between a closed circuit and a monster, so that he gets caught by the electricity, as well.
In the game, there are also bonuses in the form of coins that are collected by a similar method, but the coins never fall below the playing field while each monster actually tends to run away from the game and lowers one notch down after each ineffective move. An escaped monster will not only deprive you of a few points, but also will take several lives. The collected coins can be spent in the embedded store to buy bombs, complex structure elements, or the energy storm.


Transitions to new levels occur without interruption of the game, and the game runs smoothly until you have lives in the form of hearts. The graphics in the game are excellent. The sound is good as well and is unlikely to cause you negative thoughts. In the demo version, you won't be able to lose and kill all the lives given, and a few levels after the start you will be asked to buy the game or terminate. There is also a free analogue of the game, but only in Chinese.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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