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Review JumpWheel

Evgenii Kostrov
JumpWheel is a very original arcade game from the developer of the horror story Acedia: Indie Horror, which could be called a third-person runner, if its main character was a live creature. In this game, you take control of an unusual wheel reminiscent of a toy called yo-yo but without a rope. The essence of the game is that you need to get to the finish line, but this is not so simple, as the way on which the wheel should roll cannot be called a road, anyway.
This is more like a platforms hanging in space on which the wheel needs to jump making it meter by meter. The game has the excellent-quality three-dimensional graphics, although, despite the absolute beauty of it, it is rather a drawback (in a good way). That's because the three-dimensional locations make the gameplay a little more complex, for you will be constantly distracted by various items and bonuses hanging in different places of the playing field. In addition, sometimes the wheel will deviate from the route by following green pointers, and it's also a bit confusing.

Collect bonuses

On your way to the finish line, you have to collect all the blocks with figures, otherwise after completing a level, you won't get the full reward and later won't be able to get access to new locations. Before the game starts, you can select the color of the wheel, but this is done not in order for you to decorate it with your favorite color, but to endow it with certain abilities. That's because, depending on the color of the wheel, it will jump at different height, but that's not all.

Controlling features

Perhaps, this game is first to introduce this schtick in the genre which is that you have to control not only the jumps, but also the falls of the wheel. When you get to the level with very short platforms, you will understand the importance of this function. Controlling of the wheel is carried out by means of two virtual buttons at the bottom corners of the screen. The right button makes it jump (you can use a double tap on it to conquer greater height), and the left button is responsible for the immediate landing of the wheel onto the platform.


Another feature of the game is the green pointers. Should the roller get on such a pointer, it will go in this direction, even if it means to go back. However, the effect of the pointer will be short-lived, and soon the wheel will continue the path from left to right. In the demo version, you will be able to pass all the three levels and, in our opinion, despite the low price of the game, this is not enough to understand whether you will like it, or not. It is not that the game is very dynamic, because the wheel is rolling very slowly, but still a lot in the game will depend precisely on your reaction.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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