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Joining Hands
Joining Hands
Joining Hands
Joining Hands
Joining Hands

Review Joining Hands

Evgenii Kostrov
Joining Hands is a very positive arcade game with a logical bias for Window Phone which will not only help you get rid of free time, but also cheer you up. The game takes place in one of the forests of a distant planet that was inhabited by various creatures with a different number of hands. One of the usual quiet nights, local residents woke up to a strong thunder that scared to death, emanating from a star that had fallen on their planet and scattered its fragments throughout the forest.
Naturally, each of these funny creatures imagined everything from alien invasion to natural disasters, and was very scared. You need to make sure that all of the characters in the game were close to each other. Only then they will return to the calm state and good mood. The playing field in the Joining Hands is a set of hexagons, and only in some of them you will see the main characters. As the levels progress, their appearance will become more diverse, but even the same type of characters will differ from each other by the number of hands.

Game features

The main objective of the game is not that all the characters must be placed close to each other, but the fact that they are able to join hands, and then their joy and happiness will not know the limit. The first type of characters (the green) has flexible hands, and wherever you place them, if there is a neighbor standing, they will surely reach each other. The main thing in this case is to make sure that the number of hands of the creature matches the number of fellows who surround him.
In the next location, you can get acquainted with new characters (the yellow) whose hands are still and directed upwards and outwards. In order to have the opportunity for them to grab the hands of their neighbors, you will need to turn them and leave that way. However, we still have to learn what position is proper. In addition to the reunification of the creatures in a close-knit company, you have to collect stars.


Collect bonusesIn order to find a star, you have to place any character upon it before he grabs the hands of others and all the friendly company will dance for joy and squeal with delight. The graphics in the game are made in cartoon style, and it is of excellent quality. The sound is great as well, and be sure you will like it. Children would have liked the soundtrack even more, but the challenges in the game may be extremely difficult to handle even for adults.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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