Blondies Killing Zombies
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Blondies Killing Zombies
Blondies Killing Zombies
Blondies Killing Zombies
Blondies Killing Zombies
Blondies Killing Zombies

Review Blondies Killing Zombies

Evgenii Kostrov
Blondies Killing Zombies is a funny arcade game where you have to take responsibility for the desperate blonde who is going to fight zombies with a motorcycle. In fact, it is an ordinary racing made in 2D, in which the main problem is obstacles and finding ways to overcome them, and only then we can talk about walking mutants. By default, at the disposal of the main character there is a motocross bike alone which turns out to be very helpful against the background of the local landscape.


You'll have to ride either on construction sites, or even on something similar to beams made ​​in the form of a jib of a tower crane. Some sections of the route are secured only in the center, which means that during stressing one half of such a section, it begins to rotate. Everything would be easy, if the game was giving the opportunity to accelerate to the utmost, but there are also places which you want to pass on the lowest speed. Otherwise, the main character will just smear herself on the nearest wall and bring great pleasure to zombies because they don't have to mess about with the skull to get to her brains.
Another reason to not exceed the speed is that you have to knock down with the motorcycle the number of zombies displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Should you drive too fast, you will just fly over some of the mutants, when there is no chance to turn back. Actually, you can as well finish the level without any sacrifice on the part of the undead, but then you do not get a reward for your efforts in the form of stars.

Motorcycles and Blondies range

On reaching the finish line in the first 35 locations, you get access a real sportbike, and after another 35 levels you will get the opportunity to ride on a more powerful motocross bike which is used in the mototrial. The main character can also be replaced by other brave girls, but the name of the game here will have an effect, as well - they are all blondes. By the way, the jokes in relation to girls with blond hair are out of place here, because their fate will entirely depend on your actions. Besides, judging by the story, people with dark hair were too susceptible to some kind of virus and they all turned into zombies.


The graphics in this game are pretty good, however, the sound is totally pedestrian, so it is better to turn on the player and turn off the sound in the game. The motorcycle controlling is carried out by virtual buttons in the form of the throttle and brake disc, and the multi-positional joystick are responsible for the location of the main character on the vehicle. The main thing is to get used to the location of the controlling elements and their sensitivity, and then you can conquer even vertical walls.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 2/10
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