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Review DrawaStickman:EPIC

Evgenii Kostrov
DrawaStickman:EPIC is a very funny game for Windows Phone which combines an adventure, quest and drawing program, here you will be able to give rein to your imagination, parallel to following the overall plan. Surely you know that a stickman is a carelessly drawn man, and the main character in this game is him exactly. The main feature of the game is that it is you that have to draw your character, as well as his girlfriend who later be stolen by an enchanted book.

Objectives and tasks

Generally speaking, the entire game comes down to your trying to free the soulmate of the pencilled man out of captivity, and the way you will do it produces the tremendous concern altogether with a smile. Try to apply more serious approach to the process of drawing the girlfriend of the main character. You can redraw the savior at any time but will have to save his girlfriend whatever monster you pencilled her. In this game you will find many interesting locations with which you will need to communicate through the magic pencil.
Our hero runs without unbending the legs, so it is advisable not to draw them too narrowly spaced. Otherwise, you will get tired to wait while he strikes out his legs up to the next destination. In the first locations, at your disposal there will be only one pencil, the fire one. Approaching some obstacle, simply click on the pencil and then draw the fire on a barrier, and it will burn to ashes. However, trees and other structures standing nearby can ignite along with it, so you should be careful.

Gameplay features

Very soon on the way of the main character there appears a blockage of stones and a dynamite will be lying nearby. You can draw the fire both on the dynamite itself and on its safety fuse. In the first case, the explosion comes immediately, and in the second one, the main character will have time to get away from the epicenter of the explosion. Having won over the first dragon, you will be redirected to the second location, and there you will be given the second pencil, the cloud one. By drawing a cloud or an ordinary circle with it, you will cause rain in a certain place, and if you hatch a cloud a little, you will get a thundercloud which is not only watering, but also flashing with deadly lightnings.


Over time, in the game there will start to appear not only obstacles, but also mechanisms that are driven by water, fire, or something else. In general, you will find really fascinating adventure in which you are responsible for everything that happens on the other side of the screen, like an animator. Actually, for the same reason, the question about graphics is removed automatically. In fact, they are far from ideal, but to a large extent the image quality of this game depends on your ability to draw.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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