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Review ChalkMaster

Evgenii Kostrov
In front of you is a good arcade game drawn in chalk on a blackboard for Windows Phone, ChalkMaster. The game is designed really simple, but as they say, tastefully. Everything you will see on the playing field is the school board and items painted on it with crayons. The essence of the game is that you have to throw the blue ball into the orange basket, and at that, it is desirable to allow the minimum number of touches of the ball all kinds of walls and obstacles.
By the way, when summing up the results of a level, the edges of the basket are taken into account, as well - that is, you have to throw the ball so that it flops straight on its bottom and not race over the edges and along walls. Of course, at some challenges it will be physically impossible to throw the ball in the basket without using the bounce from different partitions, but in this case also should be minimum of those touches.


Controlling in the game is very simple but it requires precise calculations and a steady hand. Simply touch the blue ball and begin to move your finger in the desired direction increasing the power of the throw which can be controlled by the number of pointers that appear between the finger and the ball. The flying ball is for a while leaving behind a trail of a dotted line by which you can track the places of its collision with obstacles. This line will disappear very quickly, but after the next shot (if the previous one was bad), you can track its direction and strength by the pointers left between the finger and the ball when you were aiming.

Game features

Basically, you can pass over to the next level as soon as the ball will be in the basket, regardless of the number of ricochets, but to get three stars you need to show all your skills and try not to touch anything extra. The game consists of 130 levels spread across three locations. At first you will find more or less simple tasks and obstacles painted in white chalk. The second location will provide you with obstacles drawn with crayons, and here comes the fun part. The first thing you have to pay attention to is the fact that you cannot avoid a contact with obstacles in this location, and for good reason.


The thing is that the colored lines have a different effect on the ball. For example, the ball rolls down the yellow line very reluctantly even in case of a large slope while it gains speed even uphill along the green line. Naturally, this is not everything, but you yourself will understand a lot more interesting than by reading. The third location you will fid the same colored lines, but here the playing field will be filled with moving parts that will hinder to achieve the goal. Generally speaking, despite the simplicity of the design, the game is very exciting and can rightly be considered one of the best time-killers for Windows Phone.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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