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Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing
Danger Wing

Review Danger Wing

Evgenii Kostrov
Danger Wing is a very dynamic scrolling shooter for Windows Phone with the elements of a graphic novel in which you will have to wage a fierce battle against pirates, only not on a sea slick but in the vast outer space. At your disposal there will be a small battle spaceship that looks like a conventional fighter aircraft, and a modest gun the capacity of which will be more than enough in the first missions.

Game features

After each battle against the pirates, you will have a talk with the leaders, get a new challenge, and discuss some of the nuances. The dialogue lasts a long time, but it can be skipped by pressing the "Skip" button located in the upper right corner of the screen. As a rule, in the next level all the same opponents are waiting for you whom you met in the previous battle, plus new pirate starships which have more sophisticated weapons. In the first level, no one will shoot at you at all, and all you will need to do is to avoid a collision with strange balls and possibly destroy most of them.
Later on you will also start to be shot at, and at first it will be an unsighted fire aiming at the bottom of the screen. In such levels it is not so difficult to maneuver between projectiles thrown at you, and at that, you will have no troubles destroying the enemy's space fleet. In a short time, the the enemy fighting ships start shooting not out the window but at you. And the fire can be conducted in all directions, therefore it will become quite difficult to fly around the enemy from the back. Even those ships that you saw in the first challenges will have the stronger armor and more powerful weapons.

Bonuses and bosses

While destroying the enemy ships, you will receive bonuses in the form of crystals, as well as new types of guns. What is interesting, they will not replace the existing guns but will complement them. In addition, on the battlefield you can sometimes pick up a super-weapon that is activated by a separate button (on the left side of the screen) and restored in a few seconds. After a fierce battle with the ordinary enemy ships, you will be faced with a huge and powerful boss who is able to shoot with several types of weapons in different directions.


In total, the game consists of 15 exciting levels in which you will encounter 23 types of enemy ships and 15 bosses. Controlling in the game is simple and carried out by sliding a finger across the screen. The graphics are made ​​in a drawing style and their quality doesn't cause complaints, as well as the soundtrack.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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