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Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze

Review Rail Maze

Evgenii Kostrov
Rail Maze is a pretty addictive puzzle game for Windows Phone associated with the construction of a railway in which you will be required not only intelligence but also an excellent response and the ability to predict the course of events. As in most games with the similar plot, here we have to deal with the construction of the railway leading from point A to point B. The distinctive feature of this particular game is the impressive number of nuances that need to be considered when building the railroad. In addition, the road will have to not only be built but also remodeled within the shortest possible time.


So, the game starts very simply. You will need to build a railway spur line so that a train appeared in the upper left corner of the playing field can get to the bottom right corner. In truth, the road is already available. You only need to properly position the set of points (sites for twists and turns of trains). As you progress through the game, other trains will begin to appear on the railroad bed. They can pull out on the road simultaneously or in turns but that is not the case, and the thing is that they will have different destinations while most of the way will be the same for all trains.
That is, you will have to determine which of the trains will go by a particular section of the railway earlier and set the corresponding points in the appropriate position. After the first train travel the difficult part by, you will need to quickly reposition the points for the next train. Naturally, the collision of trains in the game is unacceptable and after such an event you would have to start the level all over again.

Gameplay features and obstacles

After some time tunnels will emerge on the playing field which differ from each other by the color corresponding to the trains. It is clear that in such cases you will have to look for the only proper solution by which each train succeeds to drive on its own railroad track. In a few levels more on the playing field there will begin to appear dangerous obstacles. For example, they may be pirate trains and bombs running into which for obvious reasons doesn't bring you any good.


In total, you will find over a hundred of highly complex tasks to cope with which only those can afford who really has free time. You can download the Rail Maze for free and play it while watching an advertisement banner, or buy the game without advertising for not such a big money. The graphics in the game are quite mediocre. Everything looks good but without any frills noted.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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